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Ryobi Die Casting, USA, uses Wheelabrator                   
Wire Mesh Machines to reduce cycle times
and increase production capacity. Video 3:21              
  Hitachi Metals Automotive Components (USA)             
use Wheelabrator and DISA equipment and support
services to keep their ductile iron foundry running smoothly. Video 3:43

Steiner Shipyard (USA) use a Wheelabrator                  
Preservation Line to prepare and paint plate and structural parts.
Video 1:22

  London Machinery (USA):Watch this video to see how    
a concrete truck manufacturer uses a Wheelabrator air blast room, an
8 wheel monorail (hanger type) blast machine and a priming booth. Video 1:26
US Foundry invited experts from Wheelabrator Plus             
to analyse their blast machine performance.
As a result, US Foundry now saves $64000 each year.
Watch the video to find out how. Video 3:58

Benton Foundry, USA, added a second EZEFIT wheel,   
and cut their blast time in half. The foundry works in
close partnership with Wheelabrator Plus to control
costs and get the most from their blast machinery. Video 1:00

Steelway Building Systems utilizes Wheelabrator               
Roller Conveyor machines to prepare structural steel.
Video 1:27

Neptune Technology Group relies on Wheelabrator          
tumblast machines and Wheelabrator Plus support
services to deliver to its customers. Video 1:00


Honsel uses 4 Wheelabrator Robot Gripper                        
machines for the cosmetic blasting
(removal of fire cracks and flutter grates) of
Aluminium gear boxes type 8 HP.(machine #1) Video 3:04


Honsel Machine 2 - Video 2:05                                       
Special feature: See how deep interior areas are
effectively cleaned, due to precise movement in
the blast stream and adjustment of the control cage
of the rear blast wheel.

Honsel Machine 3 - Video 2:12                                        
  Honsel Machine 4 Video 1:55                                        
Special feature: Blasting of magnesium alloy with
aluminium abrasive.

Galesburg Castings boosted their blast                             
operations by upgrading their non-Wheelabrator
tumble blast machine with a new Wheelabrator
EZEFIT wheel. Video 2:36


Foshan Yingang Precision Metal Products chose          
Wheelabrator FL shot blast machine to match their imported  
high-speed drawing lines. Video 1:52

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