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Wheelblast Technology




What is shot blasting?

This video from the Discovery Channel's "Build It Bigger"
clearly illustrates what it's all about. 

Shot at Anniston Army base, the video shows entire tank
hulls being blast cleaned in a Wheelabrator Hanger type
machine. Video 3:00





Wheelabrator HB Hanger Type Blast Machine           
(Short Edit) Animation Length 1:14

  Wheelabrator MB Tumblast Machine                      
(Short Edit) Animation 1:34

Wheelabrator SPH Spinner Hanger Blast Machine     
Animation 0:35

  Wheelabrator DS1 650 Manipulator                        
Shot Blast System Animation 0:36

Wheelabrator DS1 KW Manipulator Shot Blast          
System, Animation 1:07

  Wheelabrator DS5 KW Manipulator Shot Blast        
System, Animation 1:40

Wheelabrator DV4 1250 Manipulator Shot Blast         
System, (Short version) Animation 0:45

  Wheelabrator DV4 1250 Manipulator Shot Blast      
System (Longer Version), Animation 1:28

Wheelabrator DS5 Manipulator Shot Blast                 
System, Animation 1:07

  Wheelabrator MAC Robot Manipulator Shot Blast    
Machine, Product video 2:10

Wheelabrator Roller Conveyor Shot Blast Machine    
Animation 2:38


Wheelabrator Preservation Line                             
Animation 9:30


Wheelabrator CT Continuous Tumblast Machine       
Animation 0:40

  Wheelabrator DT Continuous Rocker Blast            
Machine, Animation 0:38

Wheelabrator DTC Batch Type Blast Cleaning          
Machine, Animation 0:26

  Wheelabrator IBC Inclined Belt Shot Blast             
Machine, Animation 1:27

Wheelabrator RDS Spring Peening Machine             
Animation 0:46

  Wheelabrator RDS Mini Spring Peening Machine    
Animation 0:46

Wheelabrator Strip Descaling Machine                     
Animation 0:38


Wheelabrator FL Descaling Machine                        
Animation 1:00


Wheelabrator Stress Peening Machine                     
Animation 1:29

  TITAN Blast Wheel - body components                  
Animation 1:00
The story behind the COMET HD wheel.                           
Animation 3:20
  The new COMET HD wheel.                                           
Animation 2:44
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