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Spinner Hanger machines clean odd-shaped parts
Wheelabrator Group is offering two model types of Spinner Hanger machines: WS 2/275 and WS 4/210A.

News from Manufacturingtalk, 25 June 2009
Wheelabrator Group is offering two model types of Spinner Hanger machines: WS 2/275 and WS 4/210A.

Each machine is designed to handle the cleaning and preparation of odd-shaped parts and components that cannot be adapted to a table or Tumblast machine.

Parts are loaded onto a work fixture hanger, rotated during the blast cycle and cleaned from multiple angles.

This blast coverage can adapt to a broad range of production requirements.

Facilities with limited work space can benefit from the compact size of both machines.

The two models are suitable for the following applications: diecast deflashing, scale and rust removal, peening, profiling, and surface finishing.

The WS 2/275 Spinner Hanger is built from 3/8in thick manganese steel for protection in steel shot applications.

Each work fixture connection consists of a 2in diameter steel shaft protected by a specially fitted sleeve for connecting customer supplied work fixture, and it rotates in two externally mounted bearings at approximately 15rev/min.

The rotation is achieved by a gear motor driving a solid rubber tyre.

The system has two single-sided blast wheel units that are seven bladed and direct driven by a 7.5HP motor.

The WS 4/210A Spinner Hanger is built with a four compartment turnstile manufactured from 3/8in manganese steel plate.

The system consists of two 13.5in diameter Autoblast wheel assemblies direct driven by 10HP motors.

Each chamber features one hook mounted to a 2in diameter steel shaft where parts and components are attached and rotated at 15rev/min.

The system comes equipped with easy access index buttons and a stop/start light control located at the load station for indexing the turnstile.

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