The World's Leading Supplier of Moulding and Surface Preparation Technology


How the World's leading Provider of Moulding and Surface Preparation Technology is Shaping Industry 

Article published in Foundry Trade Journal on February 9, 2010

When DISA and Wheelabrator merged in 2009 to create Norican Group, the world’s leading provider of moulding and surface preparation technology services was born. Peter Holm Larsen, President and Chief Operating Officer of DISA, which is based in Herlev, Denmark, explains how 10 months on, the combined company is exceeding expectations and is committed to lowering the cost per part produced for its customers:

‘’The merger of DISA and Wheelabrator marked the combined force of two of Foundry’s most respected and well established players. DISA’s position as a leading supplier of foundry equipment and metal surface finishing systems – which had been established over 100 years – perfectly complemented  Wheelabrator’s reputation as the global surface preparation specialist.

‘’Since May 2009, the two companies have been working together as one, sharing experiences, technologies and expertise, whilst still retaining the original brands. To create the strongest possible offering for our customers, the brands underwent some realignment and the DISA surface preparation range of equipment has been re-branded Wheelabrator. The company now boasts two distinct offers: DISA moulding and Wheelabrator surface preparation.’’

Shaping industry

‘’For many of our customers, this structure means that Norican Group can offer an end-to-end foundry solution: with DISA specialising in complete foundry solutions and services, whilst Wheelabrator provides surface preparation equipment and services.

‘’Today, finding the solutions to our customers’ challenges is not enough. We continually strive to go one step further to create additional value and exceed expectations. To offer a truly unparalleled service, we must challenge traditional methods and shape the future of industry.  The words ‘’shaping industry’’ are at the root of Norican Group’s ethos.  We are a supplier that also acts as a partner to our customers: offering not only the ‘Ferrari’ of moulding products, but the expertise and aftercare that comes from having access to the greatest minds in the industry.  Our involvement doesn’t simply end after a machine is sold. We remain in contact with customers for the life of the machine and anticipate their needs for the future.

‘’DISA has held 85% market share for its core product lines of vertical machines for over forty years. It has maintained this position by continually working to remain several steps ahead of the competition in terms of products and technology advancements, and we’ve always been known for operating at this level across a global marketplace. With the added strength of Wheelabrator, this ability now carries twice the weight - and outweighs anything offered by competitors.’’

One shared aim: reducing the cost per part

‘’Our world-wide team comprises the most talented, experienced and incisive minds, which share one common aim: to reduce the cost per part for our customers. Our colleagues across the globe remain in constant contact, so we have a full understanding of the international marketplace and can tap into each others’ expertise and specialisations. This is the future of global industries and we are leading the way.

‘’Aiming not only to provide the most fitting and effective parts for the job, both DISA and Wheelabrator operate with a true ‘’customer for life’’ mentality.  It is this commitment to working together with our customers – to create improvements to get the best out of their equipment and introduce timely technology upgrades, so that equipment runs at peak performance – that will enable them to reduce the cost of each part produced, whilst maintaining or indeed improving its value.

Efficient processes for a leaner organisation

‘’The mantra throughout the merger has been ‘’the best of both’’, meaning that we’ve worked hard to capitalise on synergies between DISA and Wheelabrator to hone and merge the individual expertise and resources of each area of the business to create an offer that boasts the most impressive methods, processes and infrastructure in the world.  Added to the introduction of new software, and the merging of manufacturing centres, this translates into cost savings we can pass on directly to our customers.

‘’In terms of product and service efficiencies, DISA is pioneering vertical green sand moulding and is setting new standards for speed, reliability and cost effective production.

‘’Vertical moulding can suit casting types of all shapes and sizes, and is particularly beneficial in the production of large, quality castings. The machine design is extremely rigid, and the high speeds attained cannot be matched by horizontal moulding methods. The resulting output levels are phenomenal, and this means that the machines soon begin to pay for themselves and dramatically reduce the cost per casting. Add to this the reduction of maintenance and spare parts required, and minimum downtime suffered, the low space requirement, minimum foundation work, and the fact that only one person is needed to operate the machine and you see the costs per casting really begin to fall.”

Continuous development to deliver cost-savings

‘’DISA’s continued development and delivery of the next generation of moulding technology, parts and services will ensure we remain at the forefront of the industry.

‘’With over two-thousand employees across the globe, we have the power to deliver world-class technology, parts and services at the local level. We collaborate with our customers on new product ideas. Our research and development teams’ expertise allows us to conceptualise, design and manufacture products unique to our diverse client base. In the near future we will be unveiling an impressive portfolio of new products to suit a broad range of markets: both in terms of new industry sectors as well as new geographical markets.

‘’Through on-going partnerships with our customers, we are proud to know that we are the solution to many of their challenges, not least their need for longer life parts, which work to their maximum throughout an impressive lifespan.

‘’To further help the customer to keep processes running smoothly, we can offer training courses to the operators and maintenance staff.

A stronger future for our industry

‘’As stand alone businesses, DISA and Wheelabrator each boast a long history of serving international industrial manufacturers, foundries and metal-working industries.

‘Merging the two businesses, which individually were at the forefront of their industries, and streamlining them to leave the best of their respective operations, methods and cultures, has created a business that can help our customers perform to their best for their own customers. We are the point of reference for Foundry: when our customers want to expand their operations, they call us.  Whether that expansion is happening in the Americas, Europe, India and Asia Pacific or Africa, we have the global experience required to expand international operations. 

‘’As we carry our proud past into the dawning of a new era, we do so with a renewed commitment to our customers; and with the confidence of a company possessing the strength, ability and force to shape the industry of the future.’’

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