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Shot Blast Wheel Upgrades

Need new performance from your existing machine? Need to run better and waste less?

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When it comes to your shot blast equipment, the blast wheel is where the action is – and the wear! The wheel’s job is to accelerate the abrasive onto the workpiece surface. How well and efficiently it does this, is determined by its design. 

Our R&D team is constantly perfecting our blast wheel technology. By upgrading to the latest shot blast wheels, you could completely transform the performance of your machine. And it’s surprisingly cost-effective and simple!

Why Upgrade?

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1. Deteriorating Condition


 2. New Requirements


 3. Non-Wheelabrator Machine


 4. Legacy Wheels

More downtime for repairs on your wheels?

It’s time to move on.

Use downtime to upgrade to better performance rather than investing in old technology.

Higher outputs, faster cycle times, better quality. Sound good?

You don’t NEED to buy a new machine.

A blast wheel upgrade could be all it takes to achieve higher-quality output, faster.

You don’t have a Wheelabrator machine?

Let’s not talk about that.

Let's talk about how Wheelabrator blast wheels could deliver improved performance.


Legacy wheels are about 20 years out of date. 

Upgrading will:

  • Improve uptime
  • Reduce energy costs
  • Reduce abrasive and costs

Want to Know More?

How much could I save?

Your blast wheels determine the cost of running your blast process. They are responsible for the quality and consistency of your shot blast results and, crucially, they house the main wear parts of your blast equipment.

A blast wheel upgrade will significantly improve machine uptime and reduce maintenance cost.  

Get in touch with our experts to see how much you could save with an affordable blast wheel upgrade.

What’s possible?

Our blast wheel portfolio offers drop-in replacements for most blast wheels, allowing you to switch to better tech without much disruption. However, it is also possible to change the number, position and angle of your blast wheels, plus the input power and overall effectiveness of the wheel arrangement.

An upgrade is an opportunity to fit the wheels that give you the best performance for your requirements, at the lowest running cost.

Our blast wheel line-up is highly flexible by design and features plenty of options, so we can fine-tune the behavior of each wheel to perfectly suit your operating conditions.

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