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At Wheelabrator Vibro we are experts in vibratory mass finishing, our solutions guarantee improvements to your finishing process. 
Our full service offering includes a complete range of  vibratory mass finishing equipment  and mass finishing media and compounds - perfected in testing at our state-of-the-art facilities, available for you to order today.

Our free process review guarantees improvements to either your productivity, quality or resource control - or all three!
Which is the most important area for your finishing process? Let's focus on that.
Contact us here for further information on the services we offer, or call 0121 326 6481 and a member of our team will be happy to direct your query.

Expertise You Can Count On

The UK Vibro team based at our state-of-the-art Centre for Production Innovation in Birmingham, has recently expanded with the continued growth of Vibro. The added strength and breadth of the technical expertise within the team serves to enhance the skills and capabilities with which we serve our customers. 

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Productivity, Quality, Resource Control - Three for the price of ...None!

Could there be a new mix of media and equipment that could improve the quality of your finish? Generate cost savings? Reduce your cycle time?

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Vibratory Mass Finishing Equipment

Whether you are deburring, cleaning, peening, polishing or smoothing, we have a complete range to suit your application.

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Mass Finishing Media and Compounds

Plastic, ceramic, triangle or tetrahedron? We have the right consumables for you to achieve the perfect finish; all whilst lowering your costs.

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Niederlassung von Wheelabrator Vibro in Deutschland

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