SATURN HD Blast Wheel

Improve Your Blast Performance

The SATURN HD blast wheel has been designed using the latest technology to provide ease of maintenance and high performance under the toughest conditions.

The flexibility of the SATURN HD wheel ensures that it is adaptable for all Wheelabrator and non Wheelabrator wheel blast equipment.

Significantly increase productivity and efficiency by reducing cycle times and energy usage

  • The new design control cage channel increases abrasive flow by up to 20%
  • The SATURN HD impellor has a 30% larger throat allowing more abrasive to be thrown whilst using less power
  • Higher abrasive velocities reduce cycle time
  • Long life convex blades (optional): Achieve a better distribution of abrasive on large or batched workpieces and expand the hot spot to reduce the concentrated pattern impacting the cabinet between workpieces
  • Lightweight parts utilize less energy
Reduce maintenance time and costs
  • Higher abrasive velocities allow you to use a smaller sized abrasive to significantly reduce wear
  • Wheelabrator’s precise balancing and machining processes produce extremely long life wear parts (including heavy duty motor, bearings and other cast parts)
    • Full cast, heavy duty manganese housing with 3 piece liner as standard
    • Fabricated housing with 9pc liner package for grit applications
    • Blade set weight tolerances within 3 grams
  • Vibration and abrasive consumption are reduced by the exacting impelor casting process, which is concentric on 3 axes
  • Motor failures caused by abrasive intrusion are eliminated by the SATURN HD’s effective, integrated, frictionless hub seal
  • Low maintenance times are achieved due to the “10 minute replacement
  • Tune Up Kit” – even by inexperienced technicians
  • The time-consuming full removal of the cap nut and washer is unnecessary due to the SATURN HD’s hinged lid and safety swing nuts
  • Shot locking is greatly reduced thanks to the integrated Acme threads
Direct drive motor

Both the fabricated and cast housing SATURN HD units use a direct coupled motor to deliver the following benefits:

  • Increased drive motor efficiencies by up to 20% 
  • Lower wheel cost 
  • Increased abrasive flow rates 
  • Lower installation cost 
  • Space requirement reduced by half compared to conventional blast wheel units


The SATURN HD wheel is available in a wide range of sizes and power to save you money by:

  • Increasing productivity
  • Reducing cycle times
  • Improving efficiency
  • Controlling abrasive
  • Reducing maintenance times
  • Decrease energy usage

Examples of machines working with SATURN HD

  • Tumblast equipment
  • Table machines
  • Hanger Type machines
  • Horizontal Belt machines
  • Plate machines
  • Wire Mesh Belt machines