SMART Care Service Packages

Care options to suit your business needs

At Wheelabrator, our expertise can assist you in managing the complete life cycle of your surface preparation process. We are well-equipped and prepared with a nationwide team of service technicians to inspect and service your blast equipment with spare parts being available overnight in most cases.

We have 5 different SMART Care Options so you can choose the one to best suit your needs. SMART Care is only currently available in the UK, if you are outside of the UK, please contact your local representative for details of the service offering in your country.

SMART Care Emergency and SMART Care Health Check

SMART Care Emergency: Benefits include an urgent response to emergency breakdowns with a visit in less than 48 hours from calling Wheelabrator, you will be charged by the hour as the service engineer identifies the current fault only, with best endeavours to fix it whilst on site.


SMART Care Health Check: Suitable for those who want their equipment inspected but no work undertaken. You will receive an inspection within 4 weeks of contacting Wheelabrator and will be charged by the hour. This is a ad-hoc agreement. You will receive a follow up report detailing the "health" of your equipment along with a quote for any parts that we recommend are needed.

SMART Care Standard

This package includes a full machine inspection as with the SMART Care Health Check, but additionally includes a service and minor adjustments to the machine. We also provide a full report on the condition of your machine(s) and a quote for parts. This can be booked up to four weeks in advance (subject to availability).

SMART Care Silver

Those who need the productivity and efficiency of regular services to prevent machine downtime will benefit from a SMART Care Silver contract. It is suitable for customers whose machine downtime will have a moderate impact on their business.

The SMART Care Silver package enables you to plan cash flow, use flexible payment terms, phone the technical support team during working hours, plan inspection visits and benefit from lower maintenance costs as the number of preventative maintenance visits are agreed per annum.

This package includes a 30% reduction of the standard hourly rate for any Emergency call outs.

SMART Care Gold

Our SMART Care Gold service is ideal if your business depends on the productivity, uptime and quality of what your blast machine(s) delivers in order to service your customers.
You benefit from the best service offering, enhanced from the Silver package, as it delivers our recommended number of preventative maintenance services based on our expert assessment of your usage.

This contract enables equipment to be inspected and maintained to identify potential issues before they arise, thereby reducing machine downtime and avoiding emergency work. If you have an unforeseen issue, you benefit from out of hours technical support as standard and free emergency call outs. Gold cover can also extend your warranty if you use Wheelabrator approved parts and they are fitted by Wheelabrator.

As a SMART Care Gold customer, our response to your emergency will be prioritised against those customers who do not have a Gold contract. This package ensures the number of preventative maintenance visits are agreed per annum and booked in advance.

The SMART Care Gold package enables you to plan the cost in advance and flexible payment terms are available, enabling you to manage cash flow.