SmartLine RDF-D Rotational Disc Finishing Machine 

The RDF-D Series represents the highest specification within the Wheelabrator Vibro dry high energy centrifugal disc range.

All RDF D machines have either manual or pneumatic unload of components and media allowing for a controlled transition of components and media fed directly onto the separation screen.
Optional vibratory portable separation devices are available as an option.

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SmartLine RDF D Rotational Disc Finishing Machine


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Vibratory Finishing

Key Benefits

Removes the need for liquid compound and waste water treatment

Flexible process controls ensure perfect finish

All key extras included as standard, providing the best features with less associated costs


  • Fabricated from high quality steel to increase durability
  • Durable tub and spinner design for high wear resistance
  • Precision seal gap of 0.2mm designed exclusively for dry finishing consumables
  • Variable speed control by frequency inverter for optimum process control and flexibility
  • Perspex lid
  • Optional dust exhaust system
  • Mounted on a substantial frame for ergonomic operator use and to enable easy separation of components during separation cycle


  • Deburring
  • Flash Removal
  • Polishing
  • Smoothing
  • Edge Breaking
  • Super-finishing
  • Surface blending


Model  RDF D 18 RDF D 30 RDF D 50 RDF D 70
Work Bowl Volume (litre) 18 30 50 70
Touch Screen Control Panel TSC TSC TSC TSC
Motor Rating   0.75 kW   1.5 kW   3 kW   4 kW
Frequency Inverter    ✓   ✓     ✓   ✓ 
Integrated Framework   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓
Perspex Lid   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓
Hand Tilt Gas Spring Unload    ✓   ✓   N/A  N/A
Electric Assisted Tilt Unload   N/A  N/A   ✓   ✓
Integrated Separation Sieve   ✓   ✓   ✓   ✓
Dust Exhaust System  Optional  Optional  Optional  Optional

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