IDS Internal Cleaning Airblast Machine


Combustion engines are getting lighter and lighter, reducing fuel consumption and emissions. The result are ever more complex engine block and cylinder head designs with intricate internal surfaces. 

For many years now, the internal areas of key automotive engine components have been inaccessible to external blast machines and, consequently, internal airblasting has become more and more important, constantly stretching the limits of existing equipment.


Wheelabrator’s IDS machines for complex internal blasting. A sophisticated, modular machine type that blasts inside the most complex workpieces.

Developed and refined over time, the Wheelabrator IDS airblast machine meets this evolving challenge. The machine features a modular robot design that allows it to be tightly integrated and automated. The machine’s blast nozzles drive deep into channels and other cavities to reach internal surfaces down to a minimum diameter of 10mm. The robot picks each part from a roller conveyor and holds it into the blast chamber, where it moves and turns the part to expose it to the blast nozzles.

After blasting, the robot arm gently sways the part to let any abrasive and debris run off, before removing it from the chamber and placing it back on the conveyor.

Special machine for the airblast cleaning of channels and bores on engine blocks and cylinder heads

The modular cell design allows the easy extension of the machine with a row of robot arms working to a blast chamber each. This ensures production increases can be accommodated, while the lance-mounted exchangeable blast nozzles can be adapted and upgraded to keep pace with changing process needs.

As any equipment designed for automotive, the IDS is optimised for maximum uptime, with manganese liners inside the blast chamber reducing wear, and clever abrasive logistics ensuring a constantly perfect abrasive mix.

Bernhard Seuffert from Wheelabrator explains: “Since the early 2000s, when we first installed a predecessor to the IDS at this prestigious German automotive manufacturer, internal blast requirements have evolved rapidly. Pretty much every year since 2010, we have partnered with the customer to develop a new evolution of this machine type. This involved completely new machines for new production lines, as well as upgrading or expanding existing IDS machines. Over time, a flexible, modular IDS system has emerged from what was initially a highly customised solution. It is suited to applications that require the internal blasting of bores and water jacket apertures of cylinder heads, crank cases, engine blocks and similar complex castings.”

What this means for you

  • Precise and thorough cleaning of internal surfaces, bores and apertures
  • High cleaning capacity and very high process safety
  • Short blasting times
  • Entirely automatic and flexible production flow

Animation IDS Internal Cleaning Airblast Machine

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IDS Internal Cleaning Machine

The IDS machine is a special machine for blast cleaning of the internal channels and bores of engine block and cylinder heads with flexible nozzles.

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