Work Car BGM Wheel Blast Machine

Work Car BGM Blast Machine


12 to 18 weeks




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Paint Stripping, Preparation for Painting, Bonding and Plating, Rust and Heat Scale Removal





Key Benefits

Little or no need for manual handling of the uncleaned workpieces

Reduces environmental problems and high labor costs associated with manual air blasting

Fully automated system designed to descale and remove rust and scale from custom fabrications.

Designed for fabrication requirements.


  • This high production machine will pass fabricated parts or components through a work opening that is 6 ft wide X 12 ft high
  • The cleaning work envelope is 5 ft wide X 10 ft high
  • Wear resistant blast cabinet constructed from welded manganese plate with replaceable high chrome cast liners in-line of the blast stream
  • Retention seals are replaceable from exterior of machine
  • Service platform and ladders for access to upper level components


  • Automated system designed to descale and remove rust from custom fabrications
  • Steel fabrications may include bridge girders or other large weldment

Fully Automated Work Table Machine Ideal For Large Fabrications

The Wheelabrator work car machine is a fully automated system designed to descale and remove rust and scale from custom fabrications.

Technical Specifications

Workpiece width
  60” maximum 
Workpiece height    120” maximum 
Cabinet  Blast zone
Puller chain
Manganese steel construction with in-line wear plates
Multiple sets of fingers
5 hp gear motor A/C frequency drive, block link chain with drive and return tracks, hydraulic take-up 
Abrasive reclaim system  Low hoppers
Bucket elevators
Abrasive separators
Screw conveyor system
Multi-ply, cast-iron buckets, brake motor, access doors, zero speed switch
Powered rotary screen to remove large trash, cascade airwash system for fine and coarse particle removal 
Blast wheels  Number
Wheel type
Abrasive velocity
Dust collector 
TargetLok™ 12 bladed
265ft./sec. (other options available)
Cartridge filter type

72.00” (1830)

72.00” (1830)

72.00” (1830)