Coilblast and Wire Descaling Machine

Coilblast and Wire Descaling Machine


18 weeks +




Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Corrosion Removal, Cleaning


Light/ Medium



Key Benefits


  • Polyurethane mandrel arm and lifter system
  • Acid-free technology
  • Continuous batch operation
  • Double or single swing door configuration
  • Fold-in oscillating mandrel
  • Pitless design
  • Wheelabrator 12 bladed bi-Directional blast wheels
  • Manganese cabinet construction


  • Rust and Heat Scale removal
  • Corrosion removal
  • Cleaning


Wheelabrator wire descaling machines are renowned for their reliability and multi-shift capabilities. The process of mechanical descaling can be considered as an “environmentally responsible” non-polluting alternative to chemical descaling.

Wire and coil profiles can be blast cleaned in a single or multistrand method. Single or Multi-strand longitudinal blast machines not only meet different capacity requirements, but can be optimally adapted to changing product runs. These shot blast machines are easy to integrate into modern drawing lines operating at speeds of up to 240m/min or can be used as stand-alone machines for autonomous finishing. Wheelabrator offers coil blasting solutions to treat wire in coils. The number and position of wheels is expressly designed for this difficult application to achieve maximum coverage. 

“Polyurethane Mandrel and Lifting Cam System”

The mandrel protects the coil during the blast process ensuring that the mandrel abrasion is eliminated. Polyurethane lifting cams lift and separate coil strands ensuring that all parts of the coil are exposed to the blast process. The result is full blast coverage and damage free wire in the shortest cycle time possible. Mandrels are available in 10’ and 13’ lengths, each driven be a direct, shaft mounted gear motor and controlled by a variable frequency inverter for oscillation control.

Available options

  • Single or double door
  • Designed to suit local power supply
  • Multiple wheel HP options
  • 10’, 13’ mandrel arm


Acid free technology

  • Continous batch operation
  • Double or single swing door configuration
  • Fold-in oscillating mandrel
  • Pitless design
  • Wheelabrator 12 bladed, bidirectional blast wheels
  • Manganese cabinet construction

“Swing Door”

The CoilBlast door incorporates a space saving design which simplifies material handling. The articulating mandrel arm facilitates easy access for smooth material transfers. The mandrel arm swings free of the door pocket for obstruction free loading and unloading.

“World Leading Technology”

The 12 bladed EZEFIT® Wheel increases life on wheel parts 50% to 100% compared to other direct drive wheels. Longer parts life means lower operating costs and greater productivity.

The 12 bladed system throws abrasive in a more uniform pattern than any other centrifugal wheel, resulting in greater blast reduced cycle times. Wheelabrator wheels stay balanced longer assuring more uniform wear and quieter operation. Wheelabrator 12 bladed blast wheels outperform all other centrifugal blast wheels on the market.

Technical Specifications

6 Wheel bulk coil

Overall height

22’8” (6.9m)

Overall width

Door swing23’(7.0m); door closed10’4”(3.15m)

Overall length

37’4” (11.38m)

Load Height

8’4” (2.54m)


Flush surface mount, pitless design

Mandrel length

10’ (3m) /13’ (4m)

Mandrel capacity

8000lbs (4000kg) /6000lbs (2700kg)

Work envelope size

Max.60” (1.5m)

Shipping weight

95,000lbs (43,000kg)

Wire diameter (min.-max.)