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SPH Spinner-Hanger Machine

SPH Spinner-Hanger Blast Cleaning Machine


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Deburring, Deflashing


Foundry/ Forge



Key Benefits

High flexibility and reliability, proven in hundreds of applications

Fast operation, short auxiliary times

Minimum maintenance cost and minimal breakdown risk

Minimal stray abrasive, minimal loss of shot


  • Special design of chamber, maximal possible use of rebound shot
  • Easy to automate loading / unloading by robot / manipulator


  • Surface treatment and deburring of aluminium parts
  • Descaling for forgings
  • Desanding of castings

Universal Applications: Deburring, Desanding, Descaling

The SPH Spinner-Hanger blast cleaning machine is specifically suitable for surface treatment and deburring of aluminium parts, descaling of forgings and desanding of castings, especially for those workpieces which are not suitable for tumbling because of their shape or size. 

Efficiency and Precision

Equipped with a robot, the machine can be integrated in continuous production lines and thus serves to link individual manufacturing cells. Performance data (number of charges, blast hours, failure location etc.) can be monitored and displayed.

Design and Sequence of Operations

The machine does not require any foundation and consists mainly of the housing with the revolving blast chamber divided into two or three compartments, the blast wheel units, and the abrasive separating unit. Each compartment is equipped with a spinner hook to receive the hangers with the parts to be cleaned. The loading area of the machine is open, so that one compartment can be unloaded and re-loaded while parts are blast cleaned in the other compartment. 


The blast cleaning compartments are lined with highly wear-resistant material. A unique seal design protects against abrasive leakage from the compartments during the blast cleaning process. Two safety switches along the edges of the loading/unloading opening ensure that the machine is completely turned off in case a workpiece gets jammed. A door on the rear of the machine gives access to the blast chamber and the blast wheels for maintenance and inspection purposes.

Slimmer, More Powerful, Designed for Aluminium

The compact SPH-2-3/8 is optimised for aluminium applications and will increase your profit. Like other members of the SPH family, this machine features two blast chambers that form two halves of a cylinder that rotates around the vertical axis. This enables simultaneous loading/unloading and blasting, which in turn results in a more efficient use both of space and of the two blast wheels.

SPH for Aluminium

SPH Spinner-Hanger Machine Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Wheelabrator blast wheels

Wheelabrator blast wheels are renowned for high capacity and maximum energy efficiency. These blast wheels come in various power ratings, for a high degree of flexibility. Due to the reversibility of the blast wheel rotation, the range of applications can be considerably extended.

Technical Specifications

Type SPH-2-3/8 




Max. load capacity (kg) 150 150 300 600 300
Max. envelope circle (mm) 300 300 550 850 600
Max. hanger height (mm) 800 900 1200 1500 1100
Number of blast wheels 2 2 2 2 2-4
Power per blast wheel (kW) 5.5 (4) 3.75  5.5 7.5 5.5-15


Original OEM parts

We provide high quality, long lasting replacement parts. As the largest distributor of replacement parts in the industry we can deliver globally in the shortest timescales to prevent you having to have a large inventory stock on site or breaks in production.

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