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Automotive Blasting and
Shot Peening Service

Wheelabrator Impact applies fatigue enhancing, controlled, automated shot peening processes to most metallic/alloyed components incorporated in a motorsport racing vehicle.

These processes are also increasingly being applied to everyday automotive motor vehicle production.

The applications for shot peening in auto sport and automotive engineering are highly varied and are applicable to most high cyclic stress loading environment conditions, including performance sports cars and also very large plant vehicles.


In gear peening applications the process offers distinct benefits. Firstly, the introduction of compressive residual stresses helps to prevent crack initiation, thus lengthening the life of the gear. Secondly, the resulting extremely shallow dimpled finish produced on the hard surface of the gear teeth provides improvements in lubricant retention between the contact faces of the gears.

The shot peening process can also benefit a wide variety of other components such as drive shafts, pinions, clutch components, con rods, pistons, crank shafts and casings, amongst others. Even structural elements such as frames, chassis, wishbones and brake components can derive a considerable benefit.

Shot peening subcontract services are offered globally but delivered in limited locations.

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