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Oil & Gas Subcontract Shot Peening

Wheelabrator Impact specialise in providing shot peening services for critical engineered components in the oil and gas and exploration industries. The industry is a heavy user of duplex stainless steels which often require shot peening processes.

With components, welds and threads under such extremes of stress loading, shot peening methods are employed to maximise the durability of these parts. Costing millions to deploy, prevention offield installation, breakages and down time is essential.

Wheelabrator Impact offer a shot peening sub contract solution in the oil and gas industry for:

  • Fatigue failure issues
  • Fretting fatigue
  • Stress corrosion cracking
  • Weld failure issues
  • Other failure mechanisms

Shot peening has proved its effectiveness in extending the service life and enhancing the performance of metal components in this sector by protecting them against fatigue failure.

The oil and gas industry is heavily dependent on short lead times for shot peening services and Wheelabrator Impact is very well suited to provide the necessary support to this industry and ensure customers’ inventory is kept to a minimum.

Shot peening subcontract services are offered globally but delivered in limited locations. Contact us to discuss your requirements.