Mini TV-HF Vibratory Trough Machine

The Mini TV-HF Vibratory Trough Machine is designed for a wide range of applications and components, including single items, prototypes, jewellery, medical components, small batches and/or components that must avoid part-on-part contact. 

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SmartLine Mini TV-HF


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Wykańczanie wibracyjne


Usuwanie nadlewów, Usuwanie rąbków, Polishing, Grinding, Smoothing, Super-finishing, Teksturowanie powierzchni

Kluczowe korzyści

All Mini TV-HF machines are fitted with a PU lining for improved fiction

Compact machine

3000 rpm high-frequency motor features long-life bearings to increase durability


  • Fabricated from high-quality steel to increase durability
  • Welded and heat-treated bowl reduces maintenance required
  • Cast PU lining for improved friction
  • Optional metered water supply to ensure controlled delivery of the water and liquid compound
  • Optional touch screen control panel for simplified operation
  • Bottom side drains for efficient drainage
  • 3000 rpm high-frequency motor


  • Deburring
  • Flash removal
  • Polishing 
  • Grinding
  • Smoothing
  • Superfinishing
  • Edge breaking
  • Surface blending
  • Ball burnishing
The TV-HF 3000 rpm is built to the highest specification, and is available either as a standalone machine, or with a range of available options (see specification table below).


   TV-HF-9  TV-HF-18
 Work Trough Volume (litres)  9  18
 On/Off Switch   ✓   ✓
 Motor Rating  0.26 kW  0.65 kW
 Compound Dosing Pump  Optional  Optional
 CMS-80 Metering Unit  Optional Optional 
 Control Board Keypad with Invertor  Optional Optional 
 Touch Screen Control Panel  Optional Optional 
 Frequency Invertor  Optional Optional 
 Control Panel Stand  Optional Optional 
 Divider Plates  Optional Optional 
 Acoustic & Splash Enclosure   Optional Optional 

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