Shot Peening Services from Wheelabrator Impact Finishers

Wheelabrator Impact Finishers is the specialist subcontract shot peening supplier to industries requiring outsourced, controlled, automated shot peening services

Wheelabrator Impact utilises the latest controlled and automated equipment to provide a comprehensive project management process, adhering to high quality standards, in line with the latest international civil and defence industry approvals.

The company’s expertise includes shot peen forming, correction peening, peen straightening, saturation fatigue and all aspects of fatigue enhancement shot peening. Automated aesthetic shot peen and glass bead finishing as well as surface preparation is an area of expertise.

The industries we serve include, but are not limited to: aerospace, aero engine, architecture, automotive / motorsport, oil & gas, offshore and general engineering sectors.

Aerospace Expertise

Components processed in the aerospace sector range from very large wing ribs, spars, wing skins and under carriage components to the smallest pin. In addition, aero engine compressor blades, fan blades, spinners and supporting components are fully catered for.

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Automotive Expertise

Within the motor sport industry Impact Finishers carries out fatigue enhancement shot peening on high stress components such as pistons, con rods, gears, and crank shafts and are providers of subcontract shot peening to teams at the very front of the F1 grid.

High volume automotive gears are also shot peened in order to increase the fatigue life of production components on road cars as well as the most elite prestige cars.

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Architectural Finish Expertise

Architectural shot peen finishing is also an area of expertise within the organisation. The unique Impact Finishers ‘Peen Plus’ range of entirely non ferrous automated shot peened, glass bead and ceramic finishes is now widely in use by the largest architects in the UK.

Recent shot peened stainless steel cladding projects completed include Stratford, Kings Cross and Wood Lane railway stations as well as numerous prestigious buildings and sculptures. The Impact Finishers range of ‘Peen Plus’ shot peened finishes have become the architectural industry standard. 

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Service Excellence

Lead time expectations from core sector customers are notoriously demanding and Impact Finishers has expanded the business over a period of 40 years by offering exceptionally short standard lead times and also AOG or emergency turn rounds as required.

Impact Finishers' excellent reputation for service and communication has been achieved by adopting a strong emphasis on these qualities over the years and is a provision the company will continue to focus on.

With such technically oriented customer sectors you would expect Impact Finishers to be endowed with many quality approvals to match the high standards demanded by these industries.

Indeed the company quality approval list is extensive, covering most major aerospace companies and includes NADCAP and ISO 9001. A full list of approvals is available by clicking here.

Impact Finishers has two subcontract shot peening facilities in the UK and one in France.