SmartLine CRV Centreless Round Bowl Vibratory Machine

The Wheelabrator Vibro SmartLine Centreless Round Bowl Vibratory Machine is designed for processing larger symmetrical components, that can otherwise be difficult to process.

Components best suited to this machine include:
• Alloy car wheels
• Blisks
• Propellers
• 3D Prototypes

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SmartLine CRV Centreless Round Bowl Machine


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Equipamentos de Acabamento Vibratório


Rebarbação, Polishing, Grinding, Smoothing, Super-finishing

Key Benefits

Can process larger symmetrical components in a significantly reduced process time

3000 rpm compared to traditional lower rated 1500 rpm units


There are three models of differing chamber volumes in the range, mounted on a fixed central shaft for successfully processing components up to 24’’ (609.6mm) in diameter.

As standard the process unit operates with a compound dosing pump and manually controlled water supply (tap). An optional CMS-80 water and compound metering system is available which is set and operated via the control panel and serves as a practical way of pre-setting the water and compound levels to ensure optimum performance and efficiency.


  • Deburring 
  • Grinding
  • Smoothing
  • Blending
  • Polishing
  • Superfinishing


 Model  CRV-200 / CRV-P-200  CRV-240 / CRV-P-240  CRV-280 / CRV-P-280
Gross Bowl Volume  200 Litres  240 Litres  280 Litres
Theoretical Bowl Volume   140 Litres 160 Litres  190 Litres 
Motor Rating  2 x 0.65 kW  2 x 0.65 kW  2 x 1 kW
Motor Speed  3000 rpm  3000 rpm  3000 rpm
Wheel Rim Dimension  Up to 21*  Up to 22 1/2*  Up to 24*
Chamber Width  620mm 680mm   735mm
Chamber Depth  500mm / *600mm  500mm / *600mm  500mm / *600mm
Touch Screen Control Panel  TSC-2-E2 / *TSC-3-E3 TSC-2-E2 / *TSC-3-E3   TSC-3-E3
Compound Dosing Pump   ✓  ✓    ✓
CMS-80 Water and Compound Metering  Optional  Optional  Optional
Control Panel and CMS-80 Stand   Optional  Optional    Optional
Polyurethane Chamber Lining  SPU  SPU  SPU
Pneumatic Load/Unload System  *CRV-P models  *CRV-P models   *CRV-P models
 Pneumatic Lift Weight Options  Standard - up to 30kg (200,240,280)  Premium - up to 120kg (280)  Heavy-Duty - up to 240kg (280)

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