Productivity, Quality, Resource control- Three for the price of... None!

Our free vibratory mass finishing process review will deliver guaranteed improvements to your finishing process.

Vibratory Mass Finishing Process Review

 The review is quick, easy and FREE and guarantees to deliver improvements to your existing finishing process. Having conducted over 200 successful reviews across over 30 industrial sectors, including; Medical, Aerospace and 3D Printing, we can guarantee to optimise your processes, and deliver the vibratory finish you need.

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                               Which one of these areas is most important to you?

Productivity Icon

Improve Productivity 

  • Reduce cycle times
  • Increase the number of parts you process in the same time  

Quality icon

Improve Quality

  • Improve and stabilise your component finish
  • Improve surface finish
Resource control icon

Improve Resource Control

  • Less labour
  • Less energy and/or less cost

The one that will bring the greatest benefit to your finishing process is the one that we will focus on.
We guarantee that we will bring improvements in at least one of the areas above- perhaps even all three!


Our customers have seen up to 60% improvement to their cycle times.

Call 0121 326 6481 to take advantage of the instant benefits.

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Our success comes from your success

Where will you invest your savings? With the savings delivered by our improvements, you could invest more in your business.

Forget “money back guaranteed”, this process review won’t cost you a thing; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.
No cost, no need to stop production and no binding agreement. Furthermore we GUARANTEE that we will improve or maintain the finish. We understand that the finish is paramount, and it will not be compromised.

This trial allows us the opportunity to deliver improvements quickly, you’ll have the results back in as little as five days.
Get in touch with our team now on 0121 326 6481 and we will take care of the rest; from pick up of the components for the trial, to the full evaluation report.

Proven experts in enhancing and refining our customers vibratory finishing processes

Our process reviews take place at our state-of-the-art lab in Birmingham, UK, using the latest vibratory mass finishing machines, run by experts with decades of experience in finishing. Our consumables and media are purpose-designed from scratch and perfected in testing; enabling us to match or improve the quality of any finish, just faster or cheaper- or both.

Of course, you might have read all of this and hold the opinion that you are already 100% satisfied with your processes, but then again, if we’re offering these three improvements that can bring that extra 10%...  or 20%...(or as highlighted above, up to a 60% improvement in cycle time) at no cost can you really afford to say no?

Ready to optimise?

To arrange your free process review or to discuss your options with our team, fill in our quick enquiry form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Telephone: 0121 326 6481 (UK)
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