Wire Mesh Belt Shot Blasting Machines

Дробемётная машина с сетчатым ленточным конвейером


12 до 18 недель

Технология :



очистка, Удаление коррозии, удаление заусенцев, снятие облоя, Удаление ржавчины и окалины, Упрочнение поверхности


Легкие и средние условия эксплуатации


Непрерывного действия

Основные преимущества

Подходит как для ровных деталей, так и для деталей с очень сложными поверхностями, включая редукторы, шестерни, зубчатые колеса, отливки и поковки.

Эффективно обрабатывает движущиеся по конвейеру детали.


  • Непрерывная дробемётная обработка
  • Высокоэффективные дробемётные турбины
  • Сетчатый ленточный конвейер из закалённой марганцовистой стали
  • Подходит для дробемётной обработки деталей разных форм
  • Высокая надежность
  • Простая интеграция в существующие производственные линии
  • Большой выбор размеров и исполнений

Варианты применения

  • Удаление ржавчины и окалины
  • Снятие заусенцев на литых фланцах
  • Удаление песка из отливок частей двигателя
  • Улучшение шероховатости поверхности
  • Упрочняющая дробеструйная обработка для увеличения усталостной прочности

High Process Reliability with a Continuous Blast Process

Wheelabrator mesh belt shot blast machines efficiently blast flat and very complex parts in a pass-through process. To achieve excellent blast results the 4 or 8 blast wheels are arranged at horizontal and vertical axes, inclined to face the belt direction,to achieve complete coverage of workpieces such as: gearboxes, gears, gear wheels, diecastings, castings, formed and forged parts. The width of the mesh belt can be adapted to smoothly and safely transport a wide variety of workpiece sizes, including small parts. The machine is particularly well-suited to the treatment of flat parts, and parts susceptible to shock/impact, but is not ideally suited to parts that will roll.

Простая и гибкая система LBS для обработки алюминиевых деталей

Новая легкая модель LBS 1000 из зарекомендовавшей себя линейки LBS гарантирует высокую надежность и гибкость. Эти установки рассчитаны на малые и средние нагрузки, они подойдут, например, для финишной обработки поверхности и для удаления окалины. В частности, они хорошо подходят для обработки алюминиевых деталей.

LBS 1000

The Process

Wheelabrator mesh belt shot blast machines can be optimally integrated into your production process. The workpiece can be taken directly from your conveyor and blasted in continuous operation. An adapted mesh belt made from manganese steel transports it into the blast chamber. The powerful blast wheels are arranged at an angle to the direction of the workpiece, so even complex formed parts can be safely blasted in a passthrough operation.

The number and the power of the blast wheels, and the passage speed of the parts, are selected according to your required blast results, at a process speed to integrate smoothly with your existing production line.

Blast Pattern

The blast cabinet of this machine is completely made of manganese steel. The advantage of Manganese steel: it is hardened by the impact of round abrasive from 35 HRC to more than 50 HRC, so it has extremely good wear characteristics.
In the “hot spot” of direct abrasive impact, the cabinet is additionally lined with 10mm thick manganese hard steel wear plates to create almost an additional interior chamber. The plates are easily exchanged, and can be fixed in a variety of ways (screwing, attaching, hanging, etc.). To avoid abrasive escape from the machine several rubber layers of curtains are installed. In the “hot spot”, Vulkolan curtains are used. The curtains are pushed into V-rails and easily exchangeable.

Mesh Belt Shot Blast Machine Video

Watch the video here

Special Features and Options

Mesh Belt

An advantage of the mesh belt is that a wide variety of sizes of parts can be continuously transported and processed. Wheelabrator uses manganese hard steel belts as standard. 

Special feature: the manganese hard steel is very wear resistant and ensures longer maintenance intervals and exchange cycles. Different mesh widths adapted to the workpiece and the blasting process are used. Due to fully automatic and pneumatic tensioning of the belt, the necessary tension is maintained during its entire service life, without intervention.

Abrasive Removal Station

As an option, an abrasive removal station can be installed before the workpiece is transferred to the subsequent production process. 
At the station, the blasted parts are picked and rotated 360° to remove any abrasive stuck in pockets or recesses.The abrasive is collected and returned to the blast machine. The parts are then transported onto a chute and unloaded or delivered to the next process. Integration into fully-automatic processes is possible.

Abrasive Removal

During the blast process, dust, broken abrasive and other solid particles or contaminants (fines), are generated by the rust and scale removed from the workpieces. The fines are separated in the abrasive reclamation unit which is adjustable to the different types and sizes of blast media.
The Abrasive reclamation unit consists of an impact separator and a cartridge filter. The impact separator removes the fines from the abrasive, and serves as a certified spark extinguisher and meets all ATEX regulations.

The cartridge filter provides the necessary negative pressure to remove dust. lt can be installed separately beside the shot blast machine. The filter is automatically cleansed by compressed air pulses which are adjustable in intensity and duration. All elements of the filter unit are free from ignition sources. Alternatively, wet filter units can be used for the necessary dust removal. This is often applied in aluminium die casting.

Vibro Conveyor

In place of the standard screw conveyor, a vibro conveyor can be used to transport abrasive from the blast cabinet to the bucket elevator. The sieve installed in the vibro conveyor separates coarse fines from the abrasive. For dust removal, the conveyor is linked to the dust filter of the central machine.

Vibro Sieve

For a blast process without interruption, a vibro sieve is used to clean abrasive. The vibro sieve is used after the abrasive reclamation unit and sieves coarse particles like flashes from aluminium die casting workpieces out of the abrasive so that they do not affect the blast process.

The sieve is installed above the silo. It is driven by two vibro-motors and set in motion similar to a shaker sieve. A targeted sieving of unwanted fines is achieved with the mesh size adapted to the process. Fines are fed into a bin via a downhose. Lateral flaps allow easy access to the sieve for ease of maintenance.

Magnetic Separator

The magnetic separator increases your profitability by reducing machine wear and reducing abrasive consumption. Moulding and core sand on castings is removed during the blast process. As they cause high abrasion they must be separated from the ferro-magnetic abrasive quickly and efficiently. This is performed in the magnetic separator.

Two rollers with adjustable magnetic fields and a sieving box separate the moulding and core sand and fines from the reusable abrasive, in this way only 0.2% of the weight remains. This reduces wear and abrasive consumption and leads to higher profitability for you.






The blast wheel is the heart of the blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. 

This machine is fitted with TITAN shot blast wheels as standard. The TITAN wheel offers excellent blasting performance and unbeatable service life for the main blast components, which are made from hardened tool steel.

The TITAN offers even more wall strength through its wear lining, which creates an airtight and completely insulated housing as well as easing maintenance and repairs. There is a full range of variations and sizes available to ensure the chosen wheel is specific to the job in hand.

Technical Specifications

Type LBS 750 LBS 1000 LBS 1500 LBS 1000 LBS 1250 
Max. workpiece width (mm)
750 1000 1500 1000 1250
Max. workpiece height (mm) 250 500 500 500 500
Number of blast wheels 4 4 4 8 8
Power per blast wheel (kW) 7.5 (11) 7.5 (11) 11 (15) 7.5 (11) 18.5 (22)



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301 - 350 moulds per hour


Мощная компактная вертикальная формовочная машина для небольших литейных производств с небольшим скоростным серийным выпуском отливок из черных металлов, алюминия и меди.

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