Wire, Rod & Billet Descaling Machine

Wire Rod Machine


12 до 18 недель

Технология :



очистка, удаление ржавчины и окалины


Легкие и средние условия эксплуатации


Поточная линия

Основные преимущества


  • EZEFIT® wheel increases productivity and reduces maintenance
  • Material handling, roll conveyor and work envelopes to suit customer needs
  • Internal guide funnels to position parts in center of blast pattern
  • Hinged blast cabinet access doors
  • Service and support by Wheelabrator

Available Options

  • External and internal roll conveyor
  • Dust collector
  • Blast stream cast targeting plates
  • Complete Long-Lyfe® liners
  • Installation by Wheelabrator

Wheelabrator® wire rod machines are fully automated and designed to descale and peen continuous straightened rod and chain.

Wheelabrator products include standard and custom systems to meet individual customer requirements. Equipment designs include up to eight blast wheels to increase coverage and production rates.