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Wheelabrator Vibro: 
Productivity, Quality, Resource Control
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We guarantee our Vibratory Finishing review will bring further improvements to your process

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Wheelabrator Vibro:
Process Consumables

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At Wheelabrator Vibro we are experts in vibratory mass finishing processes, including high quality - vibratory equipment and consumables.

We will deliver guaranteed improvements to the productivity, quality and resource control of your component finishing process.

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Vibratory Mass Finishing Equipment

Whether you are deburring, cleaning, degreasing, polishing or smoothing, we have a complete range to suit your application.

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Mass Finishing Process Consumables

Ceramics, plastics or chemicals. We have the right process consumables for your perfect finish.

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Our customers have seen up to 60% improvement to their cycle times

Which of these areas is most important to your finishing process:

  • Productivity- reduce cycle times and increase parts produced
  • Quality- improve and stabilise your component finish
  • Resource Control- less labour, less energy and/or cost

We guarantee to deliver real improvements.

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Achieving Results With True Application Expertise

The Wheelabrator name stands for reliability and trust, we are an independent supplier of high quality products; and the better price is guaranteed.

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