RSS, Remote Smart Service

Our experts at your side

Fast and effective troubleshooting for your machine

Downtime costs money. When machines stop, time is of the essence. But sometimes it takes an expert to pinpoint what’s wrong. With Remote Smart Service (RSS) our engineers are only a video call away.

Rather than wait for somebody to visit in person, RSS launches a secure two-way video call with our experts, who can guide your team and work together to get your shot blast equipment up and running again.

The advantages:

  • Reduced service cost (no travel!)
  • No time-consuming e-mail and phone exchanges
  • Much faster troubleshooting
  • Easier access to expert advice
  • Increased machine uptime


How it works

RSS works via any Apple or Android smartphone. Using the Team Viewer Pilot app, any member of your maintenance team can go on a secure, two-way video call with one of our experts.

Just schedule the call, open the app, confirm the unique session ID, and start showing a trusted Wheelabrator engineer where the issue is.

Team Viewer is a widely used, highly secure platform for remote support. It initiates one-off, encrypted sessions that establish a quick visual link between machine and expert. Both sides of the call can circle and point at the video image on screen to find the causes of a fault and fix it quickly.

RSS from Wheelabrator is available in three service levels: Basic, Pro and ProPlus.

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