Seasonal Shutdown

Plan ahead to bring business benefit to your seasonal shutdown

Seasonal breaks around Easter, Christmas or over summer present production facilities with perfect windows of opportunity for machine upgrades and maintenance 

Businesses can take advantage of their seasonal shutdown to time upgrades and major improvements without additional downtime.

Wheelabrator takes advantage of this perfect point in the calendar and works with customers during the periods of shutdown to:

  • Complete major equipment upgrades
  • Undertake factory reorganisations
  • Install new kit and equipment
  • Complete non-routine maintenance

To get the best operational advantage from a shutdown, it’s key to plan ahead. Even at the start of the year, it’s not too early to start thinking about the improvements that could be carried out in summer to help make your facility future-proof.

At Wheelabrator, we think along with you

  • We structure planned work around your production schedule to meet your needs
  • We plan and schedule our engineers’ time and order parts to have them ready for your facility shut down period in order to deliver work in the shortest possible time frame

Seasonal shutdowns are the perfect opportunity to accommodate big improvements that you know will make a major difference to your operation - but that you don’t have the time for in other months of the year. And even if times have changed and your factory doesn’t shut down for two weeks like it used to, we can still work flexibly around your requirements and production timescales.

Contact us to discuss your equipment upgrade requirements.