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DTC Batch Type Blast Cleaning Machine

DTC Batch Type Blast Cleaning Machine


18 weeks +




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Shot Peening


Foundry/ Forge



Key Benefits

Blast cleaning of mixed production runs

High cleaning capacity due to very short loading and unloading times

Polygon shape of trough ensures complete but gentle tumbling of parts

Full exposure of workpieces to the blast stream


  • Simple operating principle, compact design
  • Optimum location of blast wheels throughout the trough, optimum utilization of the abrasive energy
  • Full exposure of all workpiece surfaces to the blast stream
  • Short blasting times due to a long blasting zone and low density of parts
  • No moving plant components within the blasting zone
  • Small drop heights at loading/unloading
  • Less impact damage, no workpiece jamming
  • Easy integration into existing production lines


  • Desanding and decoring of castings
  • Descaling of castings, forgings and heat treated parts
  • Shot peening (without process security)

Optimum Blast Effect, Economy in Shot Consumption

DTC batch barrel machines are especially suitable for descaling of forgings and for desanding of tumbleproof grey iron-, steel-, ductile and malleable iron castings. With an integrated magnetic separator, the machines are also suitable for decoring. Small parts can be as reliably cleaned as large and heavy components. Although the machines are basically designed for blast cleaning workpieces in batch quantities, they are still adaptable to other requirements and can accommodate a variety of equipment for loading, unloading and transportation. They can be easily integrated into production lines and ensure a virtually continuous production flow.

Simple Operating Principle

Wheelabrator's DTC batch barrel blast cleaning machines are proven in thousands of applications and constitute reliable process technology, high efficiency and flexibility.

Sequence of Operations

The loading system delivers parts to be cleaned to the polygon shaped trough which rocks back and forth about its longitudinal axis through 120°ensuring gentle but thorough tumbling of the parts being cleaned. The swing speed is adjustable and can be set in accordance with part size, shape and configuration.

The blast wheels are located directly above the workload and focus the abrasive stream on the workpieces.

The wheels are arranged lengthwise – one behind the other - which ensures optimum blast cleaning and maximum energy utilisation during blast cleaning. Abrasive, burrs, scale and sand deposits drop through the perforated section of the drum onto a conveyor which then removes coarse particles.

After blast cleaning, the polygon trough which is made of highly wear-resistant material turns about 180° and releases clean parts onto a vibratory conveyor and onwards to a transport bin or belt.

DTC Batch Type Tumblast Machine Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Compact Design

The polygon shaped drum ensures complete turning of the work-pieces for an optimal exposure of all surfaces to the blast stream. The arrangement of the blast wheels ensures optimum blast cleaning and maximum utilisation of the abrasive energy.

Universal Wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of the blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. 

This machine is fitted with U70x500 Universal (indirect drive) shot blast wheels as standard. The Wheels are highly flexible, compact and have rotation in both directions. They provide perfect blast cleaning results and highly convenient servicing features.

The U Blast Wheels are high capacity blast wheels with maximum energy efficiency. Their rugged design means that maintenance is easy, and the special and highly wear resistant cast alloy liners ensure minimum wear and maximum service life of the blast wheel.

Technical Specifications



Max. load weight (kg) 1500 2500 3000
Max. load capacity (dm³) 500 800 1000
Max. workpiece weight (kg)    80 80 80
Max. workpiece diagonal (mm) 700 700 700

Number of blast wheels
Ø 380 mm
Ø 500 mm     



Power per blast wheel (kW) 22 22/37 22/37


Original OEM parts

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