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Equipment upgrades and modernisation services

Wheelabrator’s ability to improve your business profitability is based on more than 100 years’ experience and a spirit of innovation.

It is the reason why we can restore your equipment to its original operational state to also make significant improvements via the introduction of new technology.

Our engineers spend time to understand your challenges and provide the latest Wheelabrator technology solutions to upgrade and modernise your equipment so that you can meet your customers' needs whilst cost effectively extending the lifespan of your current investment.
There are many operational, process and/or health and safety reasons why your current equipment may not be meeting your needs adequately and why you may benefit from an equipment upgrade.


Why could your current equipment not be meeting your needs?

Operational and process issues

  • You are treating a different product or the original product has been altered
  • Your manufacturing method has changed
  • Machine reliability has reduced
  • You are unable to meet output demands
  • It is taking longer to clean the product
  • A superior standard of cleaning is required
  • A higher level of contaminant is present after cleaning
  • The machine is already working at full capacity leaving your maintenance team with no time to inspect equipment and complete any necessary repair
  • You are aware that advances in technology could enable your process to be faster, cheaper or better

Health and safety issues

  • Housekeeping issues, such as the amount of abrasive carry out currently requiring manual tidying
  • Ergonomic improvements are needed, for instance product handling may need to be automated if the product has increased in weight
  • To meet legislation requirements, for example emission regulations
  • To improve waste disposal


How could an equipment upgrade benefit you?

  • Increase machine uptime and reliability
  • Reduce blast cycle time
  • Achieve a higher cleaning standard
  • Improve cost/performance ratio
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce machine wear
  • Decrease operational risks
  • Superior abrasive separation

What are some of the sample applications?

  • Wheels (repositions, conversions, additional wheels)
  • Machine conversions (cabinet lining systems, tumblast mill upgrades)
  • Health and safety (hydraulic loaders, safety gates, dust collectors)
  • Recycling systems (airwash separators, magnetic separators)
  • Abrasive (auto abrasive replenishers including level sensing and bulk containers)

Non-Wheelabrator equipment upgrade

An equipment upgrade from Wheelabrator will enable you to completely modernise your current shot blast equipment, giving you all the advantages of a new machine at a lower cost.

As all equipment upgrades are customised to meet your individual needs, any make or model of shot blast equipment can be upgraded. 

Additionally, Wheelabrator will provide follow up support and advice on an ongoing basis providing your maintenance teams with confidence and technical assistance should they require it.

Wheelabrator provides a wide range of replacement wear parts for non Wheelabrator blast equipment as part of the ASTRAL Collection.


Machine conversion

Wheelabrator can work with you to give your equipment a complete overhaul to meet your blasting requirements.

Examples of tumblast machine conversions include mill upgrades, dual wheel packages, recycling system upgrades, loaders and the addition of discharge conveyors.

Cabinet liners can be upgraded to reduce the wear caused by the abrasive. If the abrasive has changed you may need to review the lining of the machine which could dramatically reduce the amount you spend on replacement parts.

Lining upgrades include rubber to polyurethane, rubber to manganese plate, and manganese plate to cast liners.

Roof tunnels and floors (louvre plates) can also be upgraded to prevent excessive wear.


Dust collectors and waste disposal

Replacing a bag dust collector with the latest technology of a cartridge filter unit is the most effective way to remove dust in the airflow.

Cartridge filters are designed for continual operation and maintain suction using online cleaning, this allows the blast machine to operate continually.

The efficiency of cartridge type systems enables air to be discharged back into the factory, therefore having the flexibility to be situated where convenient, whereas the bag system must be located next to an external wall for outside discharge.

Options of adding stack monitors and alarms to a dust collector will allow you to detect any abnormal dust discharge levels, ensuring compliance to health and safety standards.

Introducing an automated differential pressure monitor unit to your shot blast machine will measure the differential pressure ensuring compressed air is only used when necessary, thereby reducing your running costs and optimising the most economical use of the dust collectors.

Discharge of waste into euro bags is the most effective process to remove dust waste in a responsible way, reducing health and safety risks and improving the working environment.