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Technology Centre
Charleville-Mezieres, France

Aerospace and Automotive Peening

Growth And Potential

The centre’s annual growth is due in large part to its development in the automotive and aeronautical sectors, its deep involvement in emerging markets and its global reputation for customer satisfaction.


Aerospace expertise

The Wheelabrator Technology Centre in Charleville-Mezieres, France, has built a reputation as the worldwide aerospace peening specialist with a focus on CNC and Robotic airblast technologies.

Specialists at this location offer comprehensive peening and high-precision blasting solutions for aerospace manufacturing and maintenance centres. 

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Aerospace equipment

The MP range of equipment, specially engineered in close cooperation with aeronautical experts, covers the most demanding specifications for jet engine component peening, landing gear peening as well as structural strengthening and wing skin peen-forming.

The research and development team in the Centre permanently follows the market demand from the aircraft and aerospace industries, and particular focus is placed on process reliability and traceability.

MP Peening machines

Automotive peening knowledge

Applications developed for the aviation industry often transfer well to automotive.

The Charleville Technology Centre offers the automotive industry an extensive array of standardised and proven equipment dedicated to gear peening. See the CFX range of gear peening machines for more information.

CFX gear peening cells

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