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Get Time Back with EZX Blast Wheels

Shot blast wheels built to last longer. The EZX® range of high-quality shot blast wheels, from Wheelabrator®, are exceptionally durable, super-fast to access and difficult to install incorrectly.

From occasional light use to more demanding foundry blast wheels, there’s an EZX solution for any application. The EZX family combines cast wear parts and a unique cast manganese steel housing with straightforward direct-drive technology, even for high horse powers. EZX provides you with longer service intervals, more time for your maintenance teams and longer periods between parts purchases.

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Small Size with Big Performance

Durable and Versatile

Heavy-Duty Power

A small and simple blast wheel for occasional use in light-duty applications.  Extra-low power input under 7.5Kw.

A robust and versatile wheel designed for light to medium-duty applications. Available in low-speed version.

A powerful direct-drive blast wheel made for heavy-duty applications across foundry, forge, descaling and peening.

                                                                Key Features of EZX Shot Blast Wheels

Affordable Durability

All parts are designed for excellent durability, while still being made from cost-effective, high-quality cast material that is suitable for all environments, including foundry settings.

Minimizing Blast Machine Running Costs

From thicker blades with a longer life, to optimized blade shape, EZX wheels are continuously improved to give you the lowest overall running cost.

Hands-Off Maintenance

EZX double-disc design ensures quick and simple slot-in installation, with a significantly reduced risk of blades getting shot-locked.

Upgrade to EZX

Enhance your shot blast wheels with Wheelabrator. Upgrade the performance of your blast wheels today. EZX are the same size as older EZEFIT blast wheels, making it a straightforward drop-in replacement on many machines.

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                                                             OTHER BLAST WHEEL OPTIONS

Wheelabrator offers a wide range of shot blast machine parts suitable for any foundry or non-foundry requirements.

EZX Wheelabrator_Images_1080x1080_Atlas


Indirect drive option with extra-high horse powers and options for niche applications.

EZX Wheelabrator_Images_1080x1080_Titan 17


Direct-drive heavy-duty wheel with tool steel wear parts, for outstanding durability in non-foundry environments.

EZX Wheelabrator_Images_1080x1080_Titan 15

TITAN 15 / TITAN 15 Smart

Light to medium-duty applications with high demands on uptime and wear parts life.

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