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ATLAS Heavy Duty Blast Wheels

The same great performance of Universal with a new name - ATLAS. The blast wheel family offers a range of high-performance wheels designed for some of the most demanding heavy-duty environments.

Same Great Performance, New Name

It is still the great performance from Universal, but with a new name! From high-volume foundry applications through to high-speed wire descaling, ATLAS blast wheels offer efficient, high blast energy with low energy consumption. We recommend using to ATLAS if you have either the U70 or U105.

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Precision and Versatility

Unmatched Durability

Heavy duty power 

High Power, Longer Life

Versatile heavy-duty, shot blast wheel: V-belt up to 55kW

Perfect for high-volume machines in foundries.

A highly durable blast wheel for wire and bar descaling.

Perfect for shot blast machines with a wider blast pattern.

High-powered, heavy-duty shot blasting up to 110kW.

A heavy-duty wheel with extra-long-life hard steel wear parts.

                                                                Key Features of ATLAS Shot Blast Wheels

Unrivalled Precision

ATLAS wheels offer a high degree of flexibility to adjust your blast process precisely to the parts you’re cleaning.

Heavy-Duty Wheel, Light-Touch Maintenance

ATLAS blast wheels were designed to perform in challenging operating environments. Their durability extends maintenance intervals, giving you back precious time.

Versatility for Any Environment

The ATLAS family is a diverse range of wheels suitable for most applications, enabling you to find the right blast wheel for any machine or process.

Upgrade to ATLAS

Enhance your shot blast wheels with Wheelabrator blast wheel upgrades give your equipment an instant performance boost, as well as lower running costs, increased uptime, and simplified maintenance.

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                                                             OTHER BLAST WHEEL OPTIONS

Depending on your specific requirements and preferences, other options are available from Wheelabrator’s global portfolio.

EZX Blast Wheel | Wheelabrator


The EZX wheel offers solutions for various applications, combining cast wear parts with a unique cast manganese steel housing and straightforward direct-drive technology.

TITAN Blast Wheel | Wheelabrator


Direct-drive heavy-duty wheel with tool steel wear parts, for outstanding durability in non-foundry environments.

Shot Blast Wheel | Wheelabrator


Blast wheels are central to the performance of your shot blast equipment. Our global team of engineers are dedicated to advancing blast wheel innovation for your benefit. Over 130 years, we have continually refined our designs, resulting in our three global wheel families that embody the pinnacle of our engineering expertise.

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