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Flexible lance internal peening system

Facilitating precise targeted internal blasting of small and complex geometries - Launched 2015


When blasting the inside of workpieces, there have often been issues caused by the thickness and length of the blasting nozzle head which can have a significant impact on the ability to control the process in smaller complex internal spaces. This can be further complicated by the hose getting jammed or twisted within the workpiece, meaning a controlled blasting of the whole interior can not be ensured.

In processes such as shot peening, or the targeted strengthening of a component, precision is key – so the operator needs to know the method being used is reliable.


Solution: The Flexible Lance Internal Peening System

Wheelabrator has focused on how to make blasting nozzle heads smaller, as well as be able to be introduced to smaller cavities and holes without reducing control and precision.

The findings of our research and development in this area have been instrumental in creating the new system for the internal blasting of stabilisers, a process in which internal diameters of 14mm need to be precisely blasted.

The system makes use of thinner blast hoses and shorter blasting nozzle heads, designed so they can blast the entire internal area at the same time without the need to rotate.

This new system means that workpieces that could previously not be treated with blasting due to their shape and size can now be treated with internal blasting.

Now customers can develop their pieces further, reducing material and weight, knowing that they can expect a precisely controlled and reliable blasting system.

What this means for you

  • Precise targeted internal blasting of small and complex geometry
  • Reliable and consistent blasting
  • Ability to reduce current workpiece sizes