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Blast media and abrasives

We offer: metallic, plastic, glass bead, fused alumina and ceramic media types

Wheelabrator offers a diverse range of blast media that enables our customers to meet any application. Identifying the right blast media is no easy task due to the number of applications possible and the specificity of each one. This is why Wheelabrator accompanies all its customers in the choice of blast media to ensure the desired surface finish is achieved.

By choosing Wheelabrator as your preferred supplier you will benefit from uncompromising quality that ensures an exemplary production process. Our blast media meets with many specific product approvals required for the aerospace, automotive and military sectors giving you ultimate confidence in our products and processes.

Metallic blast media

  • High carbon cast steel shot
  • Low carbon cast steel shot
  • Chilled iron grit
  • Steel grit
  • Cut wire and conditioned cut wire
  • Stainless steel shot

Wheelabrator metallic media can be supplied to the following specifications: MIL-Spec S851, MIL–Spec S13165, SAE J444, SAE J1993, SAE J827, SAE AMS 2431/1,2 CSS 119, CSS 118, DIN 8201.

Plastic blast media

  • Type II urea formaldehyde
  • Type III melamine
  • Type V acrylic

Wheelabrator plastic media conforms to MIL-P85891A and CSS227.

Glass bead media

  • Vaquashene
  • Peening Bead
  • Ground Glass Granule (GGG)

Vaquashene conforms with and is approved by most major aerospace, MOD and nuclear specifications. Approvals include CSS8, ABP1-2027/2029 & BAEP 2007. Peening beads can be supplied to the following specifications: MIL-Spec –PRF-9954D, MIL-S-13165 & AMS2431/6 and many others.

Fused alumina blast media

  • White
  • Pink
  • Brown
  • Reclaimed Alumina

Grades available: FEPA macro and micro grades available, and for the blasting industry specifically, sieved split grades. Approvals: CSS12 ABR-9-0160, ABP1-2032/2033.

Ceramic bead

  • Zirblast
  • Zirshot

Grades available: Zirblast is available in 6 designations and is typically used in cleaning, deburring and finishing applications. Zirshot is available in 5 designations and is typically used for shot peening applications due to its improved sphericity and narrow size distribution. Approvals: Zirblast complies to the French NF L 06.824 specification. Zirshot complies to NF L 06.831, SAE J 1830, AMS 2431 and 2431/7, and MIL-Spec 13165C.