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Wheelabrator's Technology Centres 

Wheelabrator is a global player and is widely recognised as the market leader in surface preparation technology

It has never lost sight of its desire to be regarded as the industry’s thought leader, a philosophy and commitment that has consistently underpinned the business for over 100 years.

Evidence of innovation, creativity and engineering excellence can be found in every corner of the business, day after day. Wheelabrator is driven by the needs of its customers who constantly require stronger, faster, more efficient and cost effective solutions, just the sort of challenges that its teams of experts thrive on.

At the vanguard of new thinking are the Wheelabrator Technology Centres that drive the research and development programme, these are centres of excellence. It is in these institutions where all the equipment is designed.

Each Centre has its area of specialisation, but it is not uncommon for Project Engineers to work with other centres to discover new possibilities and developments and to share knowledge.