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Wheelabrator Manufacturing Centre and Global Warehouse in Pribram, Czech Republic

Tucked away in Pribram, a small Bohemian town in the heart of Europe, lies Wheelabrator's European production centre. If you have a large mid-duty or heavy-duty Wheelabrator shotblast machine, chances are it was born right here in Pribram, Czech Republic.

Take an exclusive tour of where your Wheelabrator machine is born

Our exclusive video tour showcases the state-of-the-art production facility and our global aftermarket hub in Pribram, Czech Republic. 

Boasting a rich history of technological expertise balanced with fast-turn arounds, nearly 1500 machines have been crafted here and shipped out to begin their journey with our customers. In addition, with over 8000 high-quality aftermarket components in stock, we are the obvious choice to provide the rapid response dispatch of parts, to maintain customer processes running at optimum level.

Pribram is an important university city renowned for its mechanical engineering and applied science faculties, of which Wheelabrator has built a strong strategic partnership; employing notable numbers of alumni to join our team. Access to this talent pool means our customers can be assured of skilled, precise technicians who will channel the latest technological innovations to improve processes and machinery.

Today, the 300-strong team of engineers, skilled technicians and craftspeople completes more than 70 machines per year, covering the full portfolio of the Technology Centre in Zurich, Switzerland, as well as large mid-duty machines from the Technology Centre in Metelen, Germany.

Not just a supplier, but a partner.

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We provide all the manufacturing capabilities our colleagues in the European Technology Centres need. We work in close partnership with them and are constantly raising our game to serve them and our customers better. The specialist technical and operational expertise we’ve built up here over time, is something I’m particularly proud of.

Martin Svadlenka Vice President of European Supply Chain, in charge of Wheelabrator in Pribram.