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Technology Centre
Zurich, Switzerland

Foundry and Primary Steel Applications

The sheer diversity of our equipment, combined with the knowledge and many years’ experience of our process engineers, enable us to evaluate the best possible blast process for you.


Ground-breaking solutions for foundries

The Technology Centre for Foundry Applications in Zurich offers state-of-the-art technology: proven solutions for desanding, decoring and surface finishing in iron and light metal foundries, and for descaling and shot peening in the metal producing and manufacturing industry. 

The solutions range from sturdy stand-alone to fully automatic high-performance systems and include batch-, hanger-type, continuous through-feed and manipulator or combined robot-manipulator shot blast systems for foundries and forges.

The complete solution

As an accomplished and experienced supplier, this Centre can reduce the risks of interfacing different processes by combining complementary manufacturing tasks (such as materials handling solutions) and realising complete installations. The automation of operation sequences increases productivity and economic efficiency, emissions are prevented or reduced and manufacturing and logistics sequences are improved. This produces safer and more efficient workplaces.

Beyond foundries

Steel production expertise

Included in the range of technologies from this Centre are wire, bar and profile descaling machines (comprising stand-alone and in-line solutions). Billet descaling systems also come into the mix, and are used to remove scale before flaw detection.

Zurich's strip descaling systems are integrated in pickling and annealing lines for the production of steel strip (carbon-, silicon, stainless steel strip).

These machines - built in modular system - can meet almost any production requirement and have been installed in most major steel mills.

Wheelblast peening

Wheelblast systems for shot and stress peening include solutions for coil and leaf springs, for cams, clutch springs, crankshafts, gear wheels, milling tools, piston rods, torsion bars and many more.

On-site test centre

Our test centre in Zurich completes the range of services we offer, with “heavy-duty” blasting. As one of the few companies in the sector, Wheelabrator is able to ensure the quality and reproducibility of blast results with blast trials.

Various abrasive types and sizes are available, as well as a wide range of blast equipment and an integrated laboratory (for metallography). 


Testing and laboratory work

History of the Zurich Technology Centre

Two renowned names in surface technology are at the roots of this Technology Centre: Badische Maschinenfabrik BMD in Durlach (Germany) and the former shot blast division of Georg Fischer, which came together in a Joint Venture between DISA and Georg Fischer in 1996.

BMD received the patent for the first blast wheel in 1892, and Georg Fischer started production of shot blast machines in 1937 under a license agreement from Wheelabrator. At the beginning, the portfolio consisted of only tumblast and hanger-type machines, but this has gradually developed and extended into the range you see today.

New ideas and technologies – including the through-feed and manipulator principles - were introduced to the market and brought to industrial maturity, setting new standards. Hundreds of these systems are now working efficiently and reliably, often in a 3-shift operation around the clock, all around the globe.

Where your Wheelabrator machine is born

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