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Testing and laboratory work

Wheelabrator is driven by the needs of our customers who constantly require stronger, faster, more efficient and cost effective solutions.

In order to lead the way with new developments and technology, Wheelabrator completes trial runs of the equipment and examines all blast processes in laboratory facilities across the globe. These specialised centres drive the research to ensure blast repeatability in realistic work settings and to deliver the highest quality in surface preparation results.

Metelen, Germany

We house some of our latest laboratory equipment, and provide expertise at our newest test facility in the Metelen, Germany. Our precision cutting methods accurately measure and optimise the blast process to ensure that neither underblasting nor overblasting occurs.

Internal stresses on the surface can be identified by the new x-ray diffractometer that analyses the structure of the material. This unique capability is of huge value, especially for automotive applications, providing you with accurate information on how precision shot peening processes help achieve higher strengths, longer part life and improved performance.

Zurich, Switzerland

Wheelblast testing is primarily managed in the Test Centre in Zurich, Switzerland.

With a focus on heavy duty applications, the tests conducted include blast trial runs for unique equipment design, a comprehensive measurement of wheelblast characteristics, calculation of the life cycle for wear parts and quality control.

The laboratory in Zurich conducts metallographic investigations, which involves the qualitative and quantitative description of the structure of metallic materials.

With set chemical compositions, the structural conditions can be viewed in microscopic and macroscopic form in order to work out the properties and resultant behaviour of materials.

The connections between technology, structure and properties and the behaviour of metallic materials when used provide us with important information for analysis and further development. This is an important tool for quality assurance during everyday production and integral to the detection of processing errors and damage analysis.


With over ninety years of blast experience and approximately 30,000 machines in the field, we possess the greatest application experience in the industry, constantly innovating and developing technology to help define the right solution for your needs.

Wheelabrator is one of the only companies in our industry with specialised laboratory equipment in house, which allows us to carry out trial runs and examine all blast processes to deliver the highest quality surface preparation for your exact specifications.

There are no risks with Wheelabrator, we can prove it.