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SG130 dustless blasting nozzles

To reduce turbulence and improve blast results for suction-fed airblast machines - Launched 2013


In the conventional suction fed system the abrasive is supplied laterally to the blast head and the compressed air centrally by an air nozzle. This implies unilateral wear of the air nozzle which causes uncontrolled turbulent flows. This can reduce the efficiency of the blast head and finally cause wear not only of the blast nozzle, but of the whole blast head.


Solution: The SG130 Blast head

Wheelabrator developed a new high performance blast head, type SG 130, especially for use in suction fed blast machines.

The new blast head has been equipped with a special annular-gap nozzle which has an extremely fine air flow outlet of 0.1 mm which further accelerates the compressed air.

The advantage is that the annular gap forms a complete radius around the abrasive supply which allows uniform pressurization in the cross section of the nozzle and turbulences are avoided. Due to the avoidance of turbulences, the annular-gap nozzle offers a constant vacuum which is of utmost importance for the reproducibility of the blast result.

Furthermore, the blast heads do not need to be removed from the nozzle holders for maintenance work. In practice, this means that adjustment work after maintenance is omitted and that the blast pattern is exactly reproducible. This is of special significance for sensitive workpieces for which the optimal blast pattern has been determined by intensive tests and for which the machine has been custom designed.


What this means for you:

  • Increased efficiency and reduced energy loss
  • Reduced wear of nozzle
  • Improved reproducibility of blast results