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Inclined Belt Conveyor Machine IBC

IBC Inclined Belt Conveyor Machine


18 weeks +






Foundry/ Forge



Key Benefits

Smooth and shock-free transport of workpieces in continuous rotation – no part-on-part impact

Simple and safe workpiece transport, automatic material flow control

Efficient blast cleaning of individual components in the hot spot, reduced shot consumption and wear

High degree of well-defined process reliability, consistent finish quality


  • Individual treatment
  • Fully automatic, continuous blast cleaning
  • Possibility of an automatic scanning system for part specific blast cleaning programmes
  • Minimum operator assistance (periodic inspections)
  • Elimination of damage on parts and waste, reduction of cost per part
  • Reduction of operating costs by possible integration of the blast cleaning process into existing automatic production lines without intermediate storage of workpieces to be processed


  • Sand removal
  • Descaling of iron workpieces
  • Other applications on request

Process Safe Blast Cleaning of Rotation Symmetric Workpieces

Castings such as brake discs, brake drums and wheel rims need to comply with stringent quality standards, making them vulnerable to shock and impact in the surface preparation process. The Wheelabrator Inclined belt (IBC) machine ensures shock-free transport while effectively exposing all surfaces to the blast stream, this reduces the cost per part by eliminating damage and waste, at the same time as improving the quality of the finish.

Constant Blast Cleaning Effect, Minimum Wear and Energy Consumption

In surface treatment processes in which the movement of individual parts is not controlled, shock caused by contact between parts can damage surfaces. This, together with the inability to ensure consistent exposure to the blast medium and thus sufficient control of the finishing quality of individual parts, results in a higher than necessary scrap rate.

Suitable for single part weights of between 5 and 75 kg, the Wheelabrator Inclined belt machine has enabled many automotive parts producers to benefit from quality improvements and cost savings by protecting sensitive metallic parts while increasing productivity. With individual treatment processes, parts can be designed to be thinner and lighter in order to achieve higher performance results. 

IBC Inclined Belt Conveyor Machine Animation

Watch the 3D animation here

Shock-Free Blast Cleaning, Consistent Quality and Process Security

After cooling and the removal of the gating system, the lined-up workpieces pass on to a conveyor system leading to the shot blast machine where they move from a horizontal to an inclined position and enter the shot blast machine individually. The system is of modular design and, depending on capacity requirements, can be equipped with 7, 12 or 14 blast wheels placed on three sides of the machine body.

The workpieces, with their rims lying on the belt and the flat side leaning against additional side rails, pass through the machine on an continuous, wear-resistant rubber belt. Spindle-type lifting elements, positioned perpendicular to the direction of transport, can be adjusted to minimize belt wear.

Another guide rail on the opposite side completes the guidance of the workpieces. Belt feed and frictional resistance on the guide rails cause the workpieces to rotate continuously to ensure even exposure to the blast medium and consistent finishing. Even the ventilations (in ventilated discs) are treated at a high standard. The passage speed of the workpieces is controlled by the belt speed which is variable within a predefined range. A workpiece scanning system allows for specific treatment of individual parts.

Both lateral faces and the rims of the workpieces undergo focused blast cleaning without blasting interference. Treatment of individual parts in continuous passage (FIFO principle) provides consistent compliance with quality standards and process security. After passing through baffle and guide plates, the contaminants removed during shot blasting pass to a system where sand, scale and undersized abrasive grains are separated. On the outlet side, vibrating or roller conveyors can be provided to transport the workpieces to the next process, according to your requirements.

Universal Wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of the blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. 

This machine is fitted with U70x500 Universal (indirect drive) shot blast wheels as standard. The Wheels are highly flexible, compact and have rotation in both directions. They provide perfect blast cleaning results and highly convenient servicing features.

The U Blast Wheels are high capacity blast wheels with maximum energy efficiency. Their rugged design means that maintenance is easy, and the special and highly wear resistant cast alloy liners ensure minimum wear and maximum service life of the blast wheel.

Technical Specifications

Type IBC-6/37-432



Outside diameter (mm) 160-500 160-500 160-500 160-500
Workpiece weight (kg)  40-80 40-110 60-200 60-200
Process rate* (parts/h) 500-750 500-750 1 000-1 500 1 000-1 800
Number of blast wheels 6 7 11 (12) 14
Power per blast wheel (kW) 37 37 37 37
Sand removal capacity (kg/min)
25 25 50 50

* Processing rate depends on the weight and dimensions of the workpieces and on customers’ surface quality requirements

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