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SRS-4 Stress Peening Machine

SRS-4 Stress Peening System for Coil Springs


18 weeks +




Stress Peening


Foundry/ Forge



Key Benefits

Higher production stability at lower production costs

High peening performance and optimal use of the peening energy

Flexible loading and unloading concepts with robots, manipulators or automatic modules

Easy to use and convenient service properties


  • Longer maintenance intervals and reduced spare part costs
  • Compact design allows simplified integration into automatic production lines


The Wheelabrator SRS stress peening systems are used for coil springs for the automotive, machinery, and aircraft industries.

High Production Quality

Shot and stress peening of springs is used to increase the durability of the material under dynamic strain, and to enable producers to keep the weight of springs to a minimum.

Stress Peening System as a Complete Line

As a complete line in conjunction with our RDS shot peening machines, in which the springs are prepeened, the optimum residual compressive stress and appropriate weight reduction can be achieved.

Stress Peening

Stress peening means that a predefined load is applied to each spring during peening, improving its long life fatigue strength and enabling a lighter design.

The SRS-4 stress peening machine from Wheelabrator ensures a fast and consistent peening process with varying degrees of automation, and is a well-established and trusted solution for automotive suspension springs.

The SRS 4’s compact design is centred round a “satellite turntable” with five separate blast chambers with two satellites per chamber that hold, compress and rotate one spring each. This means pairs of springs are “clocked” through the machine at a steady, continuous pace, with loading and unloading of one chamber happening while peening takes place in two others.

Wheelabrator’s SRS-4 machine can peen a pair of springs in only 16 seconds, resulting in an output of up to 450 springs per hour, with blast cycles of neighbouring chambers overlapping (depending on condition and type of parts, production methods, peening requirements etc.).

Loading and unloading can be carried out by a robot, manipulator, automated module, or manually. The machine therefore lends itself to seamless and flexible integration in highly automated production lines.

The machine can accommodate coil springs with a maximum uncompressed length of 550mm and a minimum compressed length of 250mm. Four powerful, indirect-drive Wheelabrator U70 blast wheels with 22kW each then blast the springs from all sides, thanks to variable worktable rotation speeds between 24 and 45rpm.

SRS-4 Stress Peening Machine Animation

Universal Wheel

The blast wheel is the heart of the blasting machine, as the choice of blast wheel determines the power output and the economics. 

This machine is fitted with U70x500 Universal (indirect drive) shot blast wheels as standard. The Wheels are highly flexible, compact and have rotation in both directions. They provide perfect blast cleaning results and highly convenient servicing features.

 The U Blast Wheels are high capacity blast wheels with maximum energy efficiency. Their rugged design means that maintenance is easy, and the special and highly wear resistant cast alloy liners ensure minimum wear and maximum service life of the blast wheel.

Technical Specifications



Diameter approx. (mm) 90-190
Length approx. (mm) 250-550
Compressed length min. (mm)
Number of blast wheels  4
Power per blast wheel (kW)  22/30
Satellites (chambers x satellites) 5x2


Original OEM parts

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