Shot Peening Equipment


Wheelabrator specialises in custom-designed shot peening and surface preparation solutions to provide a solution to your challenges.

With global innovation (five technology centres across the world) and global machine support, we can support your shot peening and surface preparation needs.

The Shot Peening Process

Shot peening is a process specifically designed to enhance the fatigue strength of components which are subject to high alternating stress. Surface treatment procedures like grinding, milling, bending or heat treatment procedures cause Tensile Residual Stress. This Tensile Residual Stress leads to low life cycles of the parts. Shot Peening converts Tensile Residual Stress into Compressive Residual Stress which leads to significant increases in the life cycle of parts and their maximum load capacities.

Wide Ranging Solutions to Fit All Applications

Shot Peening is cost effective and reliable and can be achieved with Airblasting or Wheelblasting – depending on capacities, part size and requirements. Landing gears or turbine blades of aircraft, artificial joints in the medical industry, gear wheels, gear shafts, valve springs, suspension springs, connecting rods, and many other parts in various industries are shot peened every day.

Wheelabrator offers a range of shot peening machines to meet the requirements of all industries from automotive to aerospace, renewable energy to medical. Wheelabrator Group has the capability to realise complete solutions with different blasting processes from one source, and with the ability to combine air and wheel blast technology, offers a range of innovative solutions to fulfil customers' needs.

The following machine types can be used for shot peening applications:

Wheel Blast Machines Air & Wet Blast Machines

Table Machine - Wheel

Satellite Table - Wheel

Hanger Type Machine

Robot Manipulator

Horizontal Belt Machine

Manual Air Blast Cabinet

Manual Wet Blast Cabinet

Table Machine

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