Standard Wheelblast

Standard Equipment

If you need a standard machine, with standard options, at a standard price - but with higher-than-standard quality and reliability, Wheelabrator has the answer.


Standard Tumblast machines

Standard Overhead Rail blast machines

Standard HTS Overhead Rail for foundry / medium Duty applications


Wheelabrator Smartline table blast machine




Standard Roller conveyor shot blast machine

Standard Table blast machines Standard Roller Conveyor blast machines


If you don't need a machine that will work three shifts a day, and five days a week, but still want a solution that is good quality, hard wearing, reliable, consistent, and that pays for the initial investment quickly, then take a look at our SmartLine equipment range.






SmartLine overhead rail blast machine

SmartLine Tumble Blast Machines
SmartLine Overhead Rail (Hanger) Machines
Wheelabrator Smartline table blast machine



SmartLine Rotary Table Blast Machines SmartLine Roller Conveyor Machines

Express Delivery

These popular products are now available on an “Express Delivery” programme. The pre-engineered machines offer a limited number of options at an affordable price. Because they are pre-engineered, and as options are limited, cost is kept to a minimum and delivery can be in as little as 4-8 weeks.

Contact us now to find the best machine for your application.


The SSS Infographic:
From fast to furious – our wheelblast range at a glance

Whether you need a no frills machine fast or have requirements that push the envelope in wheelblast – we’ve got something for you. In fact, Wheelabrator has the widest range of standard and special wheelblast machines in the market.

Our latest infographic shows our three ranges at a glance, from the cost-effective, fully pre-engineered SmartLine, through to Standards, and our Special bespoke solutions.

SmartLine and Standard models are available with incredibly short lead times (starting from under 8 weeks) and are great quality machines, with no corners cut. They are available for a range of applications, from light to furiously heavy-duty.  
>> View a larger infographic by clicking on the image.

Please note that the SmartLine name is not used in the Americas, however a complete range of great quality Standards are available on an Express Delivery package.

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