Prepared for Operations

The military industry relies on Wheelabrator’s surface preparation technologies for aerospace, naval and ground transport, and for treating smaller components such as ammunitions.

Cleaning and Preparing Ground Transport Returning from Operations

When armed personnel carriers return from the field, they are rusty, dirty, scratched and the coating is chipped. In short, they are a mess. After blasting in a hanger-type blast machine (also commonly known as monorail or overhead rail blast machines), the tanks reappear in immaculate condition and paint-free, ready for a new paint coating, and ready to be prepared to return to the action.
For more information about Hanger-Type blast machines, click here

Tank hull cleaning – watch the Anniston Army base video to see how a Wheelabrator machine cleans these huge vehicle sections.

Surface Preparation and Treatment for Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) of Air and Naval Fleet

Paint removal and cleaning of airforce and naval fleet can be achieved manually by closed circuit blast machines, or if sections are separated, dedicated blastrooms can be used incorporating manual or automated blasting processes.

  • Other typical applications include:

Paint removal from aircraft and ships by closed circuit blast machines

Ship segment surface preparation (cleaning) in blastrooms

Ship segment corrosion protection in paint rooms

Repainting and coating solutions

Ammunition and Small Component Treatment Examples

In some regions, Wheelabrator offers a vibratory finishing service for the treatment of bullets. In others, our technologies are used to clean and prepare other ammunitions.
For information about subcontract vibratory finishing services in the UK, click here, or contact us for more information

Custom-Designed Solutions

Wheelabrator specialises in custom-designed peening and surface preparation solutions to provide a solution to your challenges.

With global innovation (five technology centres across the world) and global machine support, we can support your peening and surface preparation needs.

Standard Machines

For entry level standard machines at short notice,follow this link to find out about our "Express Delivery" range.

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