Wheel Innovation

Today's blast wheel technology

Our engineers continually test, learn, develop and improve our processes, working with you, to solve your challenges.

For example, our most recent introductions for the EZEFIT wheel include:

• Convex blades improve the distribution of abrasive on large parts
• Focus blades are designed for better abrasive distribution on smaller parts
• Hinged lid design is available to improve safety and convenience for maintenance teams
• Fully lined wheel with cast liner package to provide extended wear life for foundry applications to reduce change and shot leakage.

Current wheels:


TITAN WheelThe TITAN wheel was the first product developed by collaborating Research and Development teams across Wheelabrator Technology Centres.

The wheel is flexible for all application and production processes,with a wide choice of wheels, blades and materials available.

Introduced in 2007, we still believe that the TITAN wheel is the best non-foundry wheel on the market. Find out more here.

U70 WheelU70 - 170X170

The bedrock of the foundry industry.

This hard going, hard wearing wheel is hard to beat, which is why it’s still around more than 30 years after its initial launch. It has been developed since its introduction, but at heart, it’s still the same solid, reliable wheel that foundries around the globe trust. Read all about the U70 here.


The EZEFIT HD wheel technology is from Wheelabrator North America. It is named “EZEFIT” as it is easily installed (and retro-fitted) to a wide variety of machine types and easily adapted to a wide range of applications.

The EZEFIT is a bi-directional wheel, which boasts longer blade life and improved control of abrasive to non-Wheelabrator wheels.

The technology was adapted in 2011 for non- American use, and named SATURN HD in these markets.

Americas - find out more here.  Rest of the World - click here.


Tomorrow's technology - The COMET HD Wheel

The successor to the U70, EZEFIT and SATURN HD, the COMET HD is a global wheel, fitting both metric and imperial machines, and is poised to take the foundry industry by storm when it becomes available to buy.

Find out more about the COMET HD Wheel here.

The COMET HD wheel is born

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