Digital solutions

Unlock advanced potential in your blast process, from leaps in efficiency to new levels of quality, stability and traceability.

Know more, act faster, run smarter

Optimising the performance of your blast machine is not easy. Advances in automation and clever machine design have helped, but to fully take control of your blast process, you need to know more about what goes on inside your machine. You need data that tells you that something is not right or running below optimum. Ideally in real time.

Tracking this kind of data on a scale that enables serious improvements is only possible and economical by using digital technology. It opens up the possibility of getting real time data out of the machine, turn it into meaningful insights, spot early warning signs of faults or drops in performance, and take corrective action.

Our digital solutions deliver just that: a robust system to collect the right data and act on that data in the right way

Wheelabrator's Monitizer DISCOVER solution