SmartLine RVD Round Bowl Vibratory Drying Machine

The The RVD series represents the highest specification within the Wheelabrator Vibro Maize drying range. This machine is designed for a wide range of drying applications operated either independently or linked to an RV range of equipment for batch drying of components. 

All key features are included as standard thereby avoiding any additional hidden costs.

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Rotary Vibration Drying Machine


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Vibrační omílací zařízení




Stain free drying of components

Continual or one lap operation depending upon components

Direct heating elements for improved drying efficiency

Dust prevention cover


• Fabricated from high quality steel to increase durability
• Welded and heat treated bowl reduces maintenance
• Adapted noise cover to prevent dust entering the atmosphere
• Changeable separation screen facilitates efficient separation for
  different components
• Touch screen control panel for simplified operation of equipment
• Frequency inverter to provide infinite variable speed and control over
  the drying cycle



Options include polyurethane spray or rubber lining to improve the movement of maize and components around the bowl and to reduce possible build up of static. All RVD machines are fitted with an unloading flap allowing smooth transition of components and maize that are fed directly onto the integral separation screen. Double flange drive motor is vertically mounted and features long life bearings to increase durability.


 Model  RVD 1  RVD 3  RVD 7
 Work Bowl Volume (litre)  120  310  700
 Touch Screen Control Panel  TSC-AS-2A  TSC-AS-4A  TSC-AS-8A
 Frequency Inverter  ✓  ✓  ✓
 Motor Rating / Heating Element   1.2 / 1.5 total 2.7 kW  4.1 / 5 total 9.1 kW  6 / 7.5 total 13.5 kW
 Control Panel Stand  ✓  ✓  ✓
 Manual Separation Flap (Lever)  ✓  ✓  ✓
 Pneumatic Separation Flap  -  Optional  Optional
 Semi Acoustic Dust Prevention Enclosure  Optional  Optional  Optional
 Dust Extraction Filter Unit  Optional  Optional  Optional
 Vulcanized Rubber Bowl Lining  Optional  Optional  Optional
 Sprayed Polyurethane Bowl Lining  Optional  Optional  Optional
 Outrace Dripping Channel  Optional  Optional  Optional

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