Clean-Tek Washing and Degreasing Systems

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Clean-Tek products are based on aqueous cleaning techniques for their washing and degreasing capabilities, so you have no safety and disposal concerns resulting from their use. 

In every application, cleaning and efficiency at least matches and usually exceeds solvent-based products. 

The Clean-Tek product range features standard machines through to customised cleaning solutions. These can be combinations of machine types, handling, loading and specialised systems.

Not covered in these pages, but also available:
• Multi-axis robotic and computer controlled cleaning systems
• NDT equipment
• Dye penetrate and paint cleaning systems
• Effluent treatment systems
• Complete process lines

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Front Loading Machines

Available in single and multi-stage versions

These machines are designed to achieve high standards of cleaning combined with reduced cycle times when compared to conventional top load machines. A wide variety of workpieces can be cleaned in these machines, from precision parts to heavy duty and dirty applications. 

Ten model sizes are available with basket diameters from 600 to 3000 mm.

Single and Multi-Stage Industrial Machines

Fast, effective and high impact cleaning

For additional versatility, multi-stage versions incorporate rinse and dry facilities offering a space saving alternative to tunnel or conveyor wash systems.

Available in six models with basket diameters from 650 to 1500 mm.

Rotary Spiral Drum Machines

Spiral or Plain drum - Ideal for cleaning turned parts, springs, nuts and bolts

Multi-stage versions of these machines can incorporate immersion and spray stages making them ideal for coating and phosphating applications.

Available in six models from 200 to 800 mm drum diameters.

Conveyor Machines

For continuous processing of a wide range of components.

The modular construction of these machines allows them to be adapted to meet other requirements, such as wash only, dry only, wash and rinse, wash, rinse and dry.

Alternatives include coating, inhibitor and air knife stages. Smaller components can be loaded into baskets or jigs.

Available in eight models with conveyor widths from 200 to 1000 mm.

Immersion Machines

For outstanding cleaning of heavily contaminated components or as a pre-wash process.

Typical applications include removal of cutting oil and swarf after machining applications, removal of oil from blind, drilled and threaded holes and also from the interiors of intricate components. Immersion systems are also available with additional process sequences such as ultrasonics, underwater jetting and contaminant separation.

Available in seven models with platform widths from 250 to 3000 mm.

Ultrasonic Equipment

Ideal for delicate or complex components which may be difficult to clean by normal wash machines.

Ultrasonic cleaning techniques are now well established in industry.

Wheelabrator offers a comprehensive range of machines from small bench top models up to sophisticated automatic industrial cleaning systems.

Rotary Spray Wash Machines

Ideal for light to medium duty applications.

A ‘water knife’ cleaning effect is achieved by high efficiency jet nozzles which deliver hot solution to the surface of the components as the basket rotates. Due to the temperature of the solution, most components will flash dry when removed from the machine.

Available in seven models with basket diameters from 360 to 1300 mm.

Recycling Systems And Aftermarket Care

Additional products are available to further enhance the Clean-Tek equipment range.

Wash Water Recycling Systems

These systems are designed to continuously recycle aqueous solutions and eliminate the problem of waste water effluent treatment and disposal. Each machine in the range is portable and so can be located next to washing machines.

Three models are available.

Cleaning And Degreasing Solutions

A range of solutions designed for use in Clean-Tek and other machines is available. All are water based yet powerful enough to do a thorough cleaning job. Light, medium and heavy duty versions are available plus a general purpose emulsion.

Aftermarket Care

As with all Wheelabrator equipment, a comprehensive aftermarket care programme exists. This includes training, machine servicing and maintenance, replacement parts and consumables.

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