MPRF 16000
Robotic Peening and Forming System

MPRF 16000 Robotic Peening and Forming System


18 weeks +



Key Benefits

State-of-the-art peen forming technology

Simplified peening process with 2 robots and its supervision software

Guaranteed process repeatability

High precision and flexibility


  • Maximum component size 16000mm Ø x 2500mm
  • Maximum component weight: 2000 kg
  • 2 groups of symmetric robots (6 axis/robot), each handling 2 to 6 pressure nozzles
  • Symmetrical synchronisation of the two robots is possible for saturation peening
  • 2 high precision generators with closed-loop air pressure and shot flow regulations, delivering up to 240 kg/min
  • Large peening chamber made in strong construction, with easy access, and double lining for noise absorption
  • Inlet and outlet passing through vestibules with retractable tightness brush & curtains for easy access and maintenance


For aerospace wingskin saturation shot peening and peen forming.

High Precision and Flexibility

The MPRF 16000 wing peening machine is the ultimate solution for aerospace wingskin saturation shot peening and peen forming. 

The CNC system high precision and flexibility, combined with a wide range of controlled peening power, allow for complex wing panel forming in a fully automatic mode without corrective peening in most cases. 

Representing the state-of-the-art in peen forming technology, this 2 robots machine simplifies the peening process due to its supervision software.


Optional Features

  • One accurate NC overhead conveyor, with removable fixturing frame (electrical hoists on board) and component location recognition