Coating and Painting

A coating process is important following the blasting process, to ensure that the blasted surfaces do not corrode. The coatings can be paints, powder or other materials.

Wheelabrator provides many coating solutions including stand-alone solutions for coating components, complete coating lines for small components and a particular specialty of Wheelabrator is the open painting area for steel construction producers and manufacturers of large components, such as shipyards and foundries. Treatment of large or bulky parts is often difficult in closed cabins, as investment costs for cabin housings and lighting can be high, and transporting parts in and out of the cabin can be difficult and time consuming.


This is when Wheelabrator’s open painting system offers many benefits to the customer: 

  • Painting and drying can be undertaken in one place, and the area can be used for other work  when painting is not being done
  • Workshop cranes can be used, rather than needing special transportation systems
  • Reduced workpiece handling reduces the risk of damage to the part
  • Oversized parts can be treated in sections
  • Ventilation of sections is possible, resulting in less air and energy consumption


Coating and Painting