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Build knowledge, prove your process, optimise equipment performance and maintenance. In short: turn data into value.

A digital platform to build on

Monitizer® is our Industry 4.0 platform. Developed and evolved with the Norican Digital team, it offers a flexible and scalable basis for your digital journey.

Whether it's quick wins or ambitious digital transformation programmes, Monitizer® digitally enables your equipment and delivers the tools and systems you need to collect the right data and start optimising and improving your process.

The Monitizer® suite is made up of modular building blocks, which can be retrofitted on existing machines. It acquires data from any machine or sensor - not just your Wheelabrator equipment.

With Monitizer® you can:

  • digitally enable your existing machines   
  • view the right data in real time, via customizable dashboards   
  • get alerts, respond and trouble-shoot   
  • centrally collect, store and analyse live and historical data across machines, processes, locations   
  • use advanced digital tools designed for your process

Connects beyond shot blasting

The Monitizer® platform is used across applications, from green sand moulding to die casting and melting, by our colleagues at DISA, ItalPresseGauss and StrikoWestofen. It's robust, secure and proven.

At Wheelabrator, we combine Monitizer's® capabilities with our in-depth understanding of the shot blast process to continuously develop digital tools that make your life better.


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