Compact Blast Machine

Compact Blast Machine


6 to 12 weeks




Cleaning, Corrosion Removal, Cosmetic Finishing, Deburring, Deflashing, Rust and Heat Scale Removal, Shot Peening


Light/ Medium



Key Benefits

Super compact, fully functional blast machine

Easy to install in the shortest of time

Oscillating workpiece movement for improved cycle times

Easy to integrate in existing product lines


  • 2 super efficient TITAN blast wheels
  • Easy to integrate in existing product lines
  • Ergonomic load height
  • Manual or automated loading/unloading
  • Automated PLC control
  • Abrasive cleaning in the base of the machine
  • Independent installation without foundation pit
  • Overall machine height only 3.2 m
  • Floor space required: 2 x 2 m


  • Cleaning
  • Corrosion removal
  • Deburring
  • Deflashing
  • Rust and Heat Scale Removal
  • Cosmetic finishing
  • Shot Peening

Specifically Designed For Aluminium Parts

The result is unique: a super compact blast machine, that would stand-alone (in an island), directly within or by the casting production line, suitable for a wide range of (automotive) parts, manual or automatic loading and operation available. You will reap the benefits from the first day it’s installed.

Technical Specifications

Max. workpiece height (mm) 600
Max. rotation diameter (mm) 600
Max. workpiece weight (kg)
Blast wheel type TITAN 14.3
Speed (rpm) 1500 and 3200
Power per blast wheel (kW) 7.5
Throwing speed (m/s) ca. 60
 Load height (mm) 950
 Floor space required (m)  2 x 2 (without foundation pit)