Oil Production and Pipelines

Prepared for Power

Surface Preparation and Corrosion Protection of Oil Pipelines

Oil and gas pipes need to be cleaned, given a coating to protect from corrosion, and then be prepared for the final coating.

Wheelabrator provides internal and external diameter shot blast solutions for pipe cleaning and preparation to energy companies and their suppliers all over the world.


Treatment of Pipes, Rods and Bars

Wheelabrator Skew Roll (Roller Conveyor type) machines are designed specifically for the external surface treatment of tubular products such as pipes, rods, bars and cylindrical tanks.

Most often these are used for for rust removal, general steel cleaning, etching, profiling and peening.

Shot Peening of Sucker Rods 

Sucker rods are one of the most crucial components in a working oil well, connecting the pump jack at the surface of the well to a down-hole pump. Steel rods are joined by threaded couplings to make a string approximately 5,000 feet long.

The shot peening process relieves the residual stresses built up in the sucker rods from down-hole usage, providing the benefits of increased strength and durability. 

Shot peening also helps prevent corrosion of sucker rods when they are in oil wells by placing the outer layer of the rods into compression.

The anchor pattern supplied by shot peening also allows a corrosion inhibitor to attach easily. The role of the inhibitor is to prevent corrosion during storage and everyday use.

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